Janie Essay Research Paper Janie s LifeAlthough

Janie Essay, Research Paper

Janie s Life

Although it takes Janie almost all her life to finally meet the man of her dreams, it is worth it. But, at first in her relationship with Tea Cake, Janie and Tea Cake are not sure that it will work out. Since she was mistreated in her previous two marriages, Janie is uncertain that she can trust Tea Cake. While on the other hand, Tea Cake is afraid he will lose her because of her great beauty. It gets to a point when they they discuss their age differences and then must split apart for a day. Then after a day of constantly thinking about Tea Cake and trying not to concentrate on him, Janie realizes that she can not and he is the one who will satisfy and complete her life.

Before they are even married Janie adores Tea Cake. As he stops by her house one morning and wakes her, he tells her that he is going to work. Unlike with her two prior relationships where she never offers to do anything for her husbands, Janie wants Tea Cake to stay with her. She tells him, Tea Cake, Ah clare Ah don t know whut to make outa you. You se so crazy. You better lemme fix you some breakfast. These words by Janie show that she enjoys his company and wants to be around him as much as possible. This is just the beginning of her great times with him and just the start of her new and happy life.

As her relationship with Tea Cake grows in time so does her love for him. She grows more independent because of Tea Cake and it shows in when she says, Ah done lived Grandma s way, now Ah means tuh live mine. It is a huge growth for her when she says that. Those words prove that she has found a new love and that no one else is going to tell her whether he is or not. She knows he is and a reason behind that is the encouragement he gave her when he told her that she is an intelligent woman and should make her own choices.

After the two become married and they move to the Everglades, Janie becomes more and more happy with her life. Unlike when she was married to Jody and living in Eatonville where nearly everyone hated her, Janie is now at a point where she loves her husband, her life, and the people of the community. After Mis Turner asks Janie how she can stand to live with all the common Negroes, They don t worry me atall, Mis Turner. Fact about de thing is, they tickles me wid they talk. This shows her love for the people of the Everglades and the satisfaction she gets from living there instead of in Eatonville.

Janie becomes even more attached to Tea Cake when the two are escaping the hurricane. As they are running and trying to get away from the storm a rabid dog tries to attack Janie. With his great love for her, Tea Cake jumps in front and takes the bite from the dog, while at the same time saving Janie s life. Janie sees what he does and that makes her think even greater of him. Out of her love for him, she urges him to go see a doctor, but he refuses. This leads to his death about a month later. During the last week of his struggles one can see that Janie loves him and knows that he is one that completed her life, therefore making it even more difficult for her to watch him die away.

Once she kills him and endures his murder trial, Janie then gives Tea Cake a glorious funeral. By doing that, one can clearly see that he is one that Janie loved and that he is the one who has came a long way her and made her a new person. Even though he is gone, Janie knows that her life will be fine. She has experienced what she has always wanted: a true love and someone who can satisfy all her wants and desires in life.


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