Political Correctness Essay Research Paper Political correctness

Political Correctness Essay, Research Paper

Political correctness isn?t always a positive thing. People that are older

should have the right to a freedom of speech. They should be able to say words

to express their emotions. They have a better judgment to know how and when to

use curse words. Curse words are used everywhere. They are used on television,

movies, and in the public. Why be political correct when you can?t express

something that you need to say to someone. The older a person is, the more

mature they will become from more experiences they get in life. By being mature

they have a better judgment on how to use the words that come out of their

mouths. They know when to use curse words and when it?s appropriate to use it.

They use the words when they feel stonger on their about their feelings and

thoughts towards something and they express it better by using profanity. They

also use profanity when it is necessary and when they have to get their point

across. The Constitution quotes that all people have their freedom of speech.

With this amendment people don?t need to be politically correct and not deny

them to their freedom of speech. People have the right to either be politically

correct or not to be politically correct. People also should have a choice on

whether if they want to use curse words or not. They shouldn?t have a limited

vocabulary. It will be unconstitutional if we didn?t let people say what they

want and we should not withhold any kind of language from anyone. Profanity is

found and heard in everyday life. It is used in speeches, television shows,

movies, schools, and in almost all places. In schools kids start using profanity

as early as in elementary school. Television shows such as ?Simpsons?,

?Beavis and Butthead?, ?South Park?, ?Melrose Place?, ?Beverly

Hills 90210?, all profanity in them. If it is used in television shows then

why can?t people be able to also use it throughout everyday life. It is also

used in all PG-13 and R rated movies. Political correctness shouldn?t be a big

issue and people that are older should have the right to express their feelings

verbally in all possible ways. If we are restricted on what we say then are we

also going to be restricted on other things. Will they start restricting us on

our gestures, how we dress, and what we are thinking? If we are restricted on

things then it inhibits our life style. Political is a standard that restricts

the use of our mind and our speech.


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