’s Presence Essay, Research Paper

Nature=s Presence

It was sunny one afternoon campus. The sun was high in the sky. I was sitting underneath a weeping willow tree, with the sun at my back. Watching the birds fly over head and the ground hogs chase each other by my feet. Trying to follow the path of the ground hog, before it descended to its= underground layer was making me dizzy. For a furry, what would seem like obese for its size these little animals are in quite a harry to explore the world. They were shimmying into their newly formed entrances before I could even blink an eye. They almost resembled tumble weeds, on a dusty day. They are in plain sight when they begin to tumble, but then, almost suddenly, they quickly vanish from sight. I could only imagine what their underground world looks like, a maze perhaps to the human eye but a world of wonder to them.

A butterfly floats above my head, not a common insect, but on this lovely day it seems like should be. Minding its= own business in a place filled with chaos. She spreads her wings to absorb the enjoyment of the air beneath her. Her wings give her the freedom to do whatever she wants. These wings are much unlike the human arms and hands which frequently hold us back from the freedoms we desperately wish to enjoy. There is always something that keeps us in shackles. The world that does not respect nature is the world that inhibits us from being one with ourselves.

Through the trees, grazing the tips of every piece of feathered grass the butterfly picks up sensations that entice its appetite to enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Unlike its predators, with their hovering nets, this beautiful creature perches on the most voluptuous of flowers to feast on, not to tear it from its= roots to sit on someone=s coffee table only to wither and die within days. The butterfly absorbs nature in all of its= splendor.

On this sunny day an earthworm slithered by my heels. What an atrocious looking creature. His sliminess resembles his somewhat sneaky personality, always lurking in the crevices of the earth. The ground is the only world this insect has ever known. What a boring path- straight and forward is the only direction for it to travel. A monotonous life like so many other creatures in this world. My fellow neighbors are perfect examples of these particular creatures. They are always looking for the easy way out of things, never wanting to challenge their minds or souls.

These are the same people that overlook the finer things in life. The world that we are all surrounded by contains things that are meant to enjoyed by those who inhabit it. But like the earthworm there are so many people in this world that will continue to go on their melancholy way. Without experiencing everything that heightens your senses to a almost spiritual level there is no point to living. Like the famous philosopher, Socrates said, AAn unexamined life is a life not worth living.@


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