Forest Gump Essay Research Paper I am

Forest Gump Essay, Research Paper

I am doing my oral presentation on the Drama movie Forest Gump rated M15.

(pause) This movie traces a fictitious life to portray and comment on

significant social events in the united states of America, in the 1960’s, 70’s

and 80’s. The movie is about a man named Forest Gump who is seen by others to be

stupid, but he has achieved more than any ordinary person. Forest, played by the

award winning Tom Hanks, tells his life story while sitting at a bus stop and

comparing it to a box of chocolates, because he doesn’t know what’s going to

happen next While telling his story, the audience is taken back to when forest

is a small boy in country Alabama USA. Because forest is classed as stupid and

has braces put on his legs to fix his spine, the kids he attends school with

think of him as a freak, except one, Forests love, Jenny. Jenny is a girl who

lives with her sisters and their abusive father on a large corn farm. As Jenny

and Forest get older, Jenny starts to take a different path to Forest and drifts

in and out of his life through out the movie which, understandable creates heart

ache for Forest. We are taken through Forests life as a College football star,

which sees a lot of controversy. When Forest graduates college, he decides to

join the army, where he meets his new found best friend Bubba. In 1963, Forest

and Bubba are sent to fight in the Vietnam war. Under the watchful eye of

Lieutenant Dan Taylor, Forest unsuspectingly becomes a hero. On his return to

America, Forest is awarded the congressional medal that is presented by

President Nixion. This is one of my favourite scenes because this scene show

Forests carefree personality and his sensibility all though at times both are

challenged. SHOW TAPE!! While Forest was injured during the war, he takes up the

game ping pong and becomes a champion. With the money made from his success, he

buys a fishing boat and becomes a shrimp mastermind along with the help of

Lieutenant Dan. One day after Jenny has left Forests life once again, he decides

he wants to go for a run. He tells himself he will run to the next county but

doesn’t stop, infact he doesn’t stop until 3 and a half years later. Through out

this movie there are twists that are unsuspected, including the ending which

will bring a tear to anybody’s eye. (pause) Whilst watching this movie I came

across a couple of morals. The strongest one I got was that no matter what you

dream is keep trying and it will be within reach. This Memorable movie was

produced by Wendy Finerman, Steve Tisch and Steve starkey. Although their names

are not well known as producers they put all there talent into this movie, along

with the help of the director Robert Zemeckis. Lastly I would like to comment on

my favourite phrase of this movie that Forest used many times, "Stupid is

as stupid does" With that I rate this excellent movie 8 out of 10.


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