My Admirer Essay Research Paper Whom I

My Admirer Essay, Research Paper

Whom I Admire

There are a lot of people in this world that sit very high with me. I like almost all the people I know and many people inspire me. The person whom I admire most would have to be my mother. The reason for this is that she had a tough life at the start of her adult years, and she has worked her way up to being a very successful person.

A few of the reason that I admire my mother so much is that when she was sixteen, she found out she was pregnant with her child, which was me. She was thrilled she was going to have a baby, but also very scared. Things began to go wrong once she found she was pregnant. She first told the father, and as soon as he found he told he didn t like kids and he was leaving her and she hasn t seen him since. Next she told her mother and stepfather. Her mother was very happy, but her stepfather was not, he kicked her out of the house and made her live on her own. She moved to Knox Street, which is one of the worst neighbor hoods in Maine. She stayed in school the whole time she was pregnant with me and she also maintained a job. She finally had me in January of nineteen eighty-four. Despite living on her own and having a baby, she stayed in school and completed her senior year. This is the first reason I admire my mom, she had so much will power to keep going was life was at its low point.

Another reason that I admire my mother is when she was about eight her mother and father split up. This is very hard on all children, but her father hated her mother and the children. Through the years they had some contact, but in the last five years she has not talked with him what so ever. When she sees him in a store, she wants to say hi, but he walks by as if she is just a stranger. I really don t think if I was in her shoes I could have made it through, but she stuck it out and is still sticking it out today.

My mother has many jobs through the year; with having me she had to start work at sixteen. She never made good money, and her life was not very good for some years. She finally found a job in banking that she likes. Since getting this job, she has transferred out of the one company and moved to another, which she has been working at for seven years. She went from a normal worker at minimum wage, to a supervisor at her work. She is a very important person at her work and her work wouldn t be able to function if it weren t for her, so for this I truly admire her.

I love my mother to death with all my heart, and always will. Even if she wasn t my mother and I did not know her, I would still admire her for all she has been through and where she has worked herself up to today. She is a great caring loving person and is defiantly someone I can look up to.


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