Earth Essay Research Paper Listen up soldiers

Earth Essay, Research Paper

Listen up soldiers, we have a crisis on our hands. A silent army has been built up over hundreds of years and is the most deadly enemy we have ever had to face. This enemy you people have known since the day you were brought into this world. You are face to face with this enemy every day, unknowing that every step you take, every move you make, and every decision you face is contributing somehow to this army?s strength.

In case you haven?t noticed yet, ladies and gentlemen, this enemy is ourselves. Slowly and surely we are destroying animals, ourselves and most importantly the only planet we have, Earth. You have probably all heard this speech a thousand times before, and well if this has to be the 1001st time before its to late to do something to fix it, so be it!

I admit I?m no better than the rest at the simple things in everyday life that are destroying this planet, but the whole issue has to be dealt with. Our whole existence revolves around money, and our personal benefit. We have forgotten how to do things for others, how to help the planet and, in turn, how to benefit the species.

The fact is simple people, we?re killing ourselves. Many, however, don?t notice it. They believe what they?re doing is either beneficial, or that they are too small to do anything about it. Well if everyone thought that way then the earth would be destroyed even faster than it is being destroyed now. People need to realize that each candy wrapper and each pop can is the difference between life and death. Maybe not to us in the short term, but in the long term we are loosing the battle. Animals die, species become extinct and environments are being destroyed.

As a society we need to understand melting of the polar ice caps is having a huge effect and that greenhouse gases destroy ozone. These can be prevented, with common sense and effort. Common sense to understand the huge degree of problem we have and effort to do something about it. It requires thought, like maybe I should recycle this juice box and maybe I should use reusable containers no plastic bags. I?m trying to pick up better habits to do my part. But I am only one person.

So go ahead try and hide. Protect yourselves with your fancy guns and munitions, run away with your trains, planes, and automobiles or go about as if nothing?s happening. None of those will help you much cause the only way we can shelter ourselves from what?s to come is if we stop it from ever happening. Now are you all able to get off your couches, stop watching your TV?s and do something about it? I hope so for everyone?s sake.


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