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Importance Of Education Essay Research Paper When

Importance Of Education Essay, Research Paper

When discussing the issue of stressing the importance of mathematics, science, and communication in the workplace, we must first talk about education. Education begins at birth with the initiation of the young into the knowledge, skills and values of their society. Education is not a goal that one achieves for a short period of time, but instead is a continuous process throughout an individual’s life. I believe every individual has the capacity to learn regardless of race, sex, or age. Each individual learns in his/her own way. Many important lessons are learned in life through education. I have learned many things in life from pre-school to college and these things have helped me throughout life. So to stress mathematics, science and communication in the workplace the work team as a whole has to be EDUCATED.

I believe math and science are at the same level. Math and science deals with being able to problem solve. Problem solving skills are very important for people to develop not only in the work place, but in everyday life. I believe math and science skills are important because they show the ability to think at a high level.

Communications in the work place in very important. Everyone needs to understand each other. Everyone needs to know the rules and protocol of the office. On my current job we have a big problem with communication. The supervisor runs in and throws work to you without specific instructions. Then when the work is not done right he fusses and gets angry and actually hurts persons feelings and make them cry. As for myself, I stop him in his tracks and ask him to repeat himself and I write down his instructions. Communication also causes people to have bad attitudes within the office. Communication is very hard to deal with but a person has to have a good attitude to survive different situations. Communication must be clearly identified so there is no confusion in the workplace.

I believe math, science and communication goes beyond the office but should be should be used in every day endeavors. As a teacher, I plan to engage, direct and challenge the students, and let students know that teaching is not just my subject matter, but a learning process that the they can use to extend their education beyond the classroom.