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First Life Experience Essay Research Paper Up

First Life Experience Essay, Research Paper

Up to now my life had more imaginations than I carried out in my dreams. It was full of amazing and incredible events, surprises that change my moods or shocked as well that I felt frustrated, tired of living in the savage world where everyone tried to be apart of it.

Once I changed my attitude toward everything, I recognized my world, my future and myself. It happened when my friends and I had almost finished our last academic year and were invited by our lovely and friend like teachers to an amazing trip, to Issyk-Kul, the pearl of Kyrgyz land. About five of my best friends and I were going to the breathtaking places of our motherland where we decided to have unforgettable days of our life.

It was usual shiny day when we were about to leave our lyceum and get to the long road that was passing through the high and mighty mountains of ?Kyrgyz jeri?. And when we were on the way to Tamchi, a fertile garden village of wooden chocolate-box cottages and shady, poplar-lined avenues, my teacher said with his funny voice, ?Listen everybody! Now we are on the way to Issyk-Kul, and I want you not to sleep on first mission of our summer vacation because you could not realize the beauty of nature and compose an essay on your final exam.? And some of us really didn?t sleep after his funny advice, trying to get a real pleasure from staring at the grand mountains. But during the way the others of us were just listening the music, joking to each other and flying in their dreams. Finally, we reached the place where everyone changed their face and had a big smile, which showed that all of us were really pleased of seeing our magic lake. After some times later, we got into our nest and then had first unforgettable dinner near the lake and under the thousands of blazing stars, which reminded us that we were in paradise. And it was indeed amazing?

On the next day, after having a wonderful breakfast, we went to the beach for swimming and having a sunbath. When I saw the warm and silk like soft water that was attracting all of us, I rushed to it and noticed that not only I was running like a wild animal, but all my friends did the same as well. ?The water is excellent,? said one of us. ?Yeah, it is,? replied another one. But after a little time, there were again coming lots of voices like, ?WOW,? ?Cool?, and many other sounds that showed our both surprise and gladness. We were happy and at the same time tired. So we went back to have lunch and then to get asleep. Everyone was sleeping when one of my friends and I were playing cards and discussing about our aims in life and about friendship. I thought that having the best friends makes me feel self-assured in my decisions and be full for a real life by recognizing its wellness in community and nature. I thought that only with them I could get a hand and find the way in my own life path by discovering my abilities and finding out my great wishes in life. But after some minutes my friend and I were sleeping and continuing discussing, and this time in our dreams.

In evening, we were usually watching comedy films and films about the battles. But on another day we decided to have a party, so we went to a local disco named as ?Discovery?. And the life would be more interesting that night if I didn?t quarrel with my best friend. We started arguing only for our own interests; he insisted on drinking some alcohol and dance, I insisted on not doing that because it would bring big problems and moreover it would be shame on ourselves. Unfortunately, all my friends were against me, because they thought that we could afford drinking alcohol considering that we were about to finish our school. That night I lost all my best friends just in a moment. All my thoughts about friendship were ruined; my heart burst into small pieces that will never be joined any more. And from that moment I started to build everything in my life from zero. I became more serious with my attitude toward people and became more careful myself as well.

In conclusion, I want to say that the life isn?t much successful as most of people think. Even though we face our people to whom we trust more than everything we have in our life, it?s important not to forget that the ?success? can turn into ?failure?. Maybe that?s why we ought to be strong and patient and never give up to breathe a real life.