Ethnic Cleansing Essay Research Paper The Sick

Ethnic Cleansing Essay, Research Paper

The Sick of Society

Rape is the ultimate act of brutality. Rape is committed by people whose feelings of inadequacy compel them to commit this horrific act on those that are weaker and different from themselves.

The people who live in the eastern European countries known as the Balkans are, for the most part, a very intolerant people. While this statement may seem like a racist generalization, a quick look at their history will show the reasoning. These people have been slaughtering each other for hundreds of years, and were the main cause of World War I. Recently, after a period of forced exile, ethnic Albanian Kosovars returned to their homes with the aid of NATO. While still under NATO protection, the ethnic Albanians decided to show their decency by burning and pillaging the homes of local Serbians and slaughtering the occupants (innocent Serbian families).

The Balkans have always been a hotbed for political and racial tension. Violent tension has usually been known to produce very sick and sadistic individuals. These men prey on those weaker than they because their insecurities make them want a feeling of power. There are very few weaker than four-year-old girls, and very few sicker or more sadistic acts than rape.

The men that raped the little Muslim girl are the lowest of the low, the sickest of the sick. They must take out their rage on an individual much weaker than they and even then they must act in a group. The fact that the little girl was Muslim merely gave them an excuse to act out their morbid tendencies.

Herein lies the connection between rape and racism. They are both done, and believed by people who are insecure. The rapists must have the feeling of power that rape gives their sick minds. The racists convince themselves they are better than those that are different from themselves because they don’t want to see how pathetic they really are. Ethnic Cleansing gives these kinds of people an excuse to do what they want most: To Hate.


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