Postal Accidents Essay Research Paper Like all

Postal Accidents Essay, Research Paper

Like all car accidents, one involving a postal truck a government vehicle is not much

different. Rarely does an accident like this occur. They don’t happen mainly because the postal

driver’s occupation is on the line. This topic is very straight forward and I doubt that there are

any other ways to deal with this situation.

uring my research I visited the United States Post Office located at 38th St. between

7th and 8th avenues. This Post Office just happens to be the closest to my job in Manhattan.

At this location I waited on the line and tried to find out information by the tellers. That was a

bad idea because tellers are at the bottom of the post office food chain. They don’t care about

anything but getting home and opening a bag of pork grinds and watching re-runs of the

Jeffersons. In fact they did wind up helping me by showing me the way to the supervisor’s

office. In this office there were a bunch of ladies all of which knew nothing. Everyone thought

that an accident like this happened and they were getting scared. I explained to them this was

an assignment for college and they called the supervisor in to help me. I waited about 15

minutes for Mr. Lebowitz which wasn’t that bad because he gave me everything that i wanted to


First Mr. Lebowitz told me that he would be contacted and would go to the scene. If

the accident was a bad one VOA (vehicle operation assistance) would be called along with the

police. I spoke with Mr. Lebowitz for only a few minutes because he was in the middle of a

meeting, but he continued to tell me that ultimately the police decide who’s at fault. If the

situation was that a postal truck backs into the front of your parked car and causing 2 grand

worth of damage the post office does pay for it. Indeed postal vehicles are insured and that if it

was the other way around the driver causing damage to the postal truck would be liable.

He then told me that there could be board meetings to discuss whether the postal driver

could still drive especially if the driver is new. Then I thanked Mr. Lebowitz and he asked me

why I wanted to know all this. I told him that personally i don’t care at all but I had to for school. He wished me luck and then I left.


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