Bride Comes To Yellow Sky Essay Research

Bride Comes To Yellow Sky Essay, Research Paper

As reading Stephen Crane’s, “The Bride comes to Yellow Sky”, which brings an understanding of western men through a short story of fighting and rough adventures. Crane’s imagery is vivid, but the words he writes seldom provided a final interpretation. Crane’s perceptions and expressions still seem as current as anything experienced to date. Stephen Crane brings poetry to life through life experiences. This may be attributed to the fact that Crane himself lived an extremely simple life and did not hold education in very high esteem. He is a storyteller who captivates a reader from his first paragraph. Crane touches upon innocence and experience through his writings and transformation of everyday people.

In this particular short story, Crane writes about Jack Potter, an ordinary person, who is confronted with extreme experiences. This character is not larger-than life, but touches along some mysterious edges. Jack Potter is struggling with the transformation into family life. The main character, Jack Potter is portrayed as a valiant man and much respected in his small community of his town’s people. Jack Potter is the sheriff and hero of a small dusty town. A portion of Jack’s life is missing which will make him whole. He wants to become a family man. This is the part of Jack’s life that succeeds; the period of existence preceding maturity or age; the whole early part of life, from childhood, or sometimes to manhood. In Jack’s case, it is a little later than he had planned. Jack wants to change. He wants to grow up and put his gun away.

In relation, to experience and innocence, Jack is a perfect example. This story shows a transition from experience to innocence for Jack Potter. His experience is far surpassed most. He has saved the town’s people repeatedly from the on again off again, Scratchy Wilson. He keeps order in the town and is respected by all. Jack gives the reader the perception that he feels as though everything is changing too fast. On the other hand, Jack Potter, is very na?ve to marriage. Marriage itself scares him to the bone. Jack lacks experience with the courting of a woman nevermind being married. In addition, he feels as though it is time to settle down and become a family man. Furthermore, he wonders how the town’s people will accept his new wife.

In conclusion, Stephen Crane never quite ended this story on a definitive note. One can only use their imagination to create their ending. As a typical romantic, I would like to suggest that Scratchy never acted up again. Jack got his wish to never pull the trigger one his gun again. The town remained in a peaceful, calm existence. Jack and his wife (never named) lived happily ever after.


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