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Parents Responsibilities For Children Crimes Essay Research

Parents Responsibilities For Children Crimes Essay, Research Paper

Parenting is such a complex area involving efforts to help and change children. Many parents had little advanced warning of what an enormous task raising a child really would be. To produce happy well adjusted energetic self- controlled, friendly, achieving children parents have to show them more love, give them more praise than criticism, more rewards than punishment. Children need to be guided, corrected, and given high goals, values, responsibilities depending on the child?s abilities and needs. They need helping becoming thoughtful of others.

Many people theorize that it has to do with one-parent homes without adequate child supervision. Others blame it on movies and TV. Others say that schools and churches have let the kids down. Everyone is pointing the finger at everyone except for those who are truly responsible. It is not enough for parents to just send their children to church or to school. Parents have to be involved with them there. Schools and churches are not responsible for raising children. That?s the parents? job. Children are a product of our environment, and that?s where the blame for juvenile crime should rest: in the home. Children want to live by their own rules. Dressed in their own fashion. Speak as they wish to speak. And parents are the one who buy their children the most expensive clothes, jewelry and cars, because they want them to have a better life than they had. Yet they never show them that these items must be earned. Therefore some young people feel free to obtain things by any means possible, without any real value for possessions or hard work.

Early years for children are psychologically crucial, that?s why it?s important to start early. ?It?s like nurturing a seedling. If you see that the little tree is growing up crooked, you can straighten or shape it in the right direction. If you wait until it?s 4 or 5 feet tall, it?s probably too late?(Paul Burnley p.2).

Parents are responsible for securing all firearms and lock up all dangerous weapons, regardless of whether we think the child is responsible enough to handle weapons unsupervised or not