Schindler Watches The Liquidation Of The Krakow

Ghetto Essay, Research Paper

At this point in the movie there are people being taken out of the ghetto, especially adults. The only people left behind are children. Some of them hide in many various places including toilets, holes in the floor, and in stoves. Others were not as lucky and shot on the scene. Sometimes the parents even got to see their own children being shot.

This scene shows us a little girl who was innocent. Her parents probably had left her alone scince children under the age of 12 had to be left behind. She was very lucky that the police did not find her while she was out walking the streets. She found an empty house where she ran up stairs and hid under the bed. She covered her ears so that she couldn’t hear the police who were still looking for people. This little girl symbolizes the innocent people who were later killed.

Later on this same little girl is seen dead in a cart. When Oscar Schindler sees her, he wants to save as many Jews as he can. he’s very saddened by this sight. He had his accountant, Itzak Stern, make a list of all the Jews he wanted to buy. He had him leave an empty space at the bottom of the list for a girl he wanted to add to it. She was a bar maid who he had kissed at a party. He later realized that he could have saved even more Jews if he had gotten rid of some of his things. he could have saved 10 people if he had sold his car and another 2 if he had sold his pin

This scen saddened me in many diffrent ways. First, watching parents haveing to leave there children behind knowing that it would probably be the last time they would see them was especially sad. Also, it was it was very sad to watch the children who had been left behind by their parents. Some were only toddlers who were left to fend for themselves. The girl in the red dress symbolized all the confused and lost little children who were left behind.

i hope all of you get a b+ on this paper its mostly for sophmores or anyone taking a world history class


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