Packing A Suitcase Essay Research Paper Traveling

Packing A Suitcase Essay, Research Paper

Traveling, whether it is for business or pleasure, can be a difficult thing, and packing the suitcase can be the biggest, if not done correctly. Packing a suitcase requires problem solving, preparedness, and organization. It is very important to find and effective way to save space and time.

First, one must make a list of what things are the most essential for the trip. Decisions for these things must be based on what carrying ability one is able to obtain. Carrying five suitcases through a trek through the Amazon could be very awkward. One must also decide what kind of seasonal temperature and social environments one must face on the trip. Taking shorts and shirts to Alaska, during winter, may be unwise.

Here is a list of common things that most people need for travel: toothbrush, toothpaste, undergarments, complete outfits (one should make sure that there is extra clothing in case of emergency), socks, shoes, deodorant, comb or brush, styling products (makeup, if necessary), extra money, a phone book, information on where you are traveling (passport, if necessary), medications, camera and film, etc. Seasonal travel may require sun glasses, bathing suits, heavy or light coats, sporting equipment, and other items specific to the area and your plans. Planning before taking anything out of your closets will help to cut down decision-making time.

Most people are also making other preparations like road maps and flight schedules when planning for a trip; therefore, it is important to pack a suitcase in a timely manner. The best way to begin packing is to choose everything that will be necessary for the trip before sticking it in the suitcase. It is best to clear off a space on the bed or a large table to do this. By doing this one can reevaluate the necessity of each object twice in relativity to the space he or she has.

The puzzle of how everything must fit in those tiny bags is the hardest part. One must remember that some things must be separated form other things, like toothpaste must be separated from clothing, in fear that it might bust onto them. Articles of clothing, because they are probably the most essential must go in first, so that one knows how much can fit into the bag. Keep in mind the stuffing a suitcase can wrinkle one?s clothing. Outfits should be paired up so that one can choose them out of his or her bags quickly. A separate side or compartment should be set aside for undergarments and socks. All cosmetics like makeup, deodorants and dental care items should have a separation from all the other items in one?s suitcase. The things that may be used first, like a passport or map, must be placed on the top, so that the individual has easy access. When the bag is completely ready for travel be sure that it is light enough to carry.

If one allows himself enough time before the trip to organize these items it can give him or her the time to be cognizant of each step in the process. Time, organization, problem solving, and research will really help to make someone a better and more efficient suitcase packer. Preparing a bag may take time; nevertheless, if done properly, it can make it easier to enjoy that trip.

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