If I Could Change The World Essay

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Life is the most complicated thing imaginable. From the complex Human body, to thesmallest unit of life, the atom. From events that change the world to time wasting responsibility.The easiest thing to say as to what i would like to change in life would be all the bad things. Itwouldn t be only the easiest but whats expected from everyone. Heroes of the world didn taccomplish all they accomplished in their lives by doing whats expected . They followed theirown paths, through good and bad times they stuck through to make the world what it is today. Which brings me to my decision of what i would change in life. Nothing. Nothing should be changed. Could you imagine what your life would be like without theevents you regret the most not happening? For example, a few years back i fell off my bike andbroke a permanent tooth in half. I went to the dentist that afternoon and he told me there wasnothing he could do but cement a cap on it that looks very similar to my real tooth. If i had achoice to go back and change this, i wouldn t. The things i learned from this, the experience isoaked in from just falling off my bike, was incredible. My Caution about any dangeroussituation doubled. I dont take the little things like having a real tooth for granted. So manythings were learned by me and others from a bad happening, i would never want that taken

away from me. Imagine a world with a non-existent Hitler. Wonderful you would think, right? Theworld would definitly be different. All the men, women and children who died at the hands ofHitler would still have lived to have children of their own. Perhaps those children could havebeen a famous doctor who found the cure for a desease that still plagues us today. Created aninvention that would change mankind forever. Maybe one of those children grew up to beworse than Hitler. Maybe make a weapon stronger and more destructive than the atomicbomb. A definition of life is a series of events in a lifetime. What would Life be like without aBad to balance out the Good? The learning experiences taken from peoples mistakes can onlycome from bad events. Life needs bad events or else there would be no meaning to it. NoExcitement, Joy or Faith. Hope wouldn t be needed and the people of Earth would lose carefor everything since theres nothing dangerous. As my favorite author F. Scott Fitzgerald oncesaid Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat . . . the redeeming thingsare not happiness and pleasure but the deeper satisfactions that come out of struggle . Whatim trying to say is, whats bad is good and whats good is also good. It s all part of Life. If it schanged, it can t be considered life anymore.


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