Lord Of The Flies 6 Essay Research

Lord Of The Flies 6 Essay, Research Paper

Based on the events that occur in William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies it can be concluded that there are many differences between the two groups that form that eventually lead to the destruction of both the groups.

After only a short period of time, many signs of trouble began to appear for the stranded children on the island paradise. The Two leaders that arose out of the group of children were Ralph and Jack. They are competing for the loyalty of the remaining boys on the island. Both of these leaders gained supporters, and the children split into two competing groups. On the island there is a great contrast in values, structure, and the lifestyles of the two groups that eventually led to their own destruction.

When the groups were split Jacks group became hunters and they developed a fierce tribe with their loyalty based on the hatred of their opposing group. Jack forms a relationship with Simon who helps him rule and it is Simon who realizes early out that the beast all the kids are afraid of is among themselves, created by fear. He is quoted saying, “What I mean is… maybe its only us.” In Jacks group, authority is absolute and unquestioned, and Jacks physical dominance is reinforced by his protective alliance Simon. Simon assumes the role of, ” Mystical seer and priest by relying on his ability to express – in ritual forms – the primitive intuitive urges the boys all share.” This group slowly deteriorates away from civilization and becomes very uncivilized, almost like they have lost touch with reality and are becoming more like animals than humans. They all act out on there initial urges their “id” such as going to the bathroom wherever they want, whenever they want instead of using the designated areas.

The lifestyle of this group can be described as, “an explicit attack toward nature and by an increasingly open hostility towards outsiders.” This lifestyle is one of savages and is an example of how Jacks group deteriorated away from civilization. Jack wanted to rule the whole island so bad he would do anything to get it, even if that meant he had to hunt down and kill the remaining members of Ralph s group. The open hostility eventually leads their group into senseless acts of cruelty and destruction, such as killing of the Sow, the murder of Piggy, and the hunt for Ralph at the end of the novel.

On the other hand there is Ralph’s group. This group is the opposite of Jack’s group and tries to remain as civilized as they can but eventually they also slip away from staying civilized. Ralph becomes the leader of his group because he has the conch shell and he gathered all the boys at the beginning of the novel. Ralph and his group survive by conserving their resources and gathering fruits and vegetables, instead of hunting for meat like Jack’s group of savages. Ralph and his tribe are democratic and Ralph leads by elected consent, unlike Jack who rules by fear and physical dominance over his peers. Like Jack, however Ralph forms an close relationship with Piggy an exceptional character whose reasoning and thinking abilities are to a much higher degree than most of the other boys on the island. Throughout the time spent on the island Piggy is harassed and made fun of by Jack and his group, and eventually ends up being killed by Jack and his savages. When Piggy is killed by Roger and the conch shell is destroyed it marks the destruction of Ralph’s group because that was the only thing left holding Ralph s group together.

The lifestyle of Ralph s group seems endangered from the beginning, however for it to work it requires self sacrifices, compromising, and cooperation from all of it’s members. Ralph s group wanted there to be peace on the island and have everyone work together so they could all exist in a peaceful manner, but Jack wanted no part of that he wanted to rule everyone and he did whatever he thought was necessary to achieve that. ” This type of social structure based on benevolent rule of the governed seems unable to cope effectively with the centered ego of human nature and in conclusion is reinforced by the fact that its the “littluns” who seem most susceptible to the disruptive inner forces”

In Conclusion the boys that were stranded on the island were much to different to co -exist together. Jacks group had deteriorated away from civilization so far that no one else could exist on the island with him on it.


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