Education Essay Research Paper Boundary Street Elementary

Education Essay, Research Paper

Boundary Street Elementary School

When I got to the school, the first thing I did was check into the office. There I

met the school secretary, who was very nice and willing to help me in any way she could. I

was allowed to move about the school freely, while wearing a visitor?s badge or pass. I

felt very comfortable walking around the school, as it was a very inviting atmosphere. The

corridors were decorated with the students? different artworks and projects. I really think

that is a great idea because it gives the students a sense of pride in their work. It also

makes the students feel good when teachers think enough of it to put it up for display.

The classrooms were fairly large and decorated. The classrooms appeared to be

well lit and the desks seemed to be, for the most part, appropriate size for the students.

The teachers all seemed to be up in front of the classrooms teaching, although some

students were doing worksheets and other activities while the teacher walked around and

observed their progress. The different facilities, such as the restores, of the school seemed

to b clean and accessible. The one thing I found very strange about this school, was that it

did not have a gymnasium. Many elementary schools don?t.

Overall the students (Kindergarten-Third Grade) seemed to be very well behaved.

There are about five hundred students and the racial break down in the school was about

two-thirds being Afro-American, and one-third Caucasian. The number of teachers

seemed to be appropriate to number of students. The teacher student ratio didn?t seem to

be too overwhelming for the teacher.

The library was fairly roomy, seemed to be organized, and was well lit. There

were about as many books as I would have expected. One thing I found very appealing

was that there are many computers in the library, a computer lab, and a computer in every

classroom. I thought this was great because young people today need to know how to use

a computer because they will definitely play a large role in the future of this country and

world. There was also a T.V. n every classroom. I would definitely say this school was on

top of today?s technologies.

The lunchroom was quite large and seemed to be clean. Due to lack of space in the

school there are portable homes or classrooms, in this case behind the school. Although

portable classrooms may not be the most appealing to the site I don?t think they affect the

education a child receives. Throughout my elementary education I had classes in portables

and I believe I received a pretty good education.

Overall, I was fairly impressed with boundary Street Elementary. Although the

building is old, it seems to create a wonderful atmosphere where anyone should feel

comfortable. The school is up to date with technology, has a friendly staff, and has a very

creative atmosphere.


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