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No Smoking Essay, Research Paper


Smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit in which a person inhales and exhales the smoke of the tobacco or any substance in a cigarette or a pipe (gran diccionario 843)

People should not smoke because, obviously, it affects the smoker and also, it affects all the people that are around them. There are several reasons why people should stop the habit of smoking.

To see why, we have to be conscious about the consequences of smoking. First of all, physically ,the smoker s teeth became decolored and people get a horrible breath. They experience shortness of breath in ordinary activities, like walking or using leathers. It also causes tiredness when people realize any kind of exercise because it decreases cardiovascular endurance (Meeks 364).

These are for many, not very serious effects, but with the pass of time people can get worst diseases. The risk of lung and heart diseases increases sharply. Smoking causes a high pulse.

This means that your heart works harder and makes more effort when you smoke. Smoking is a danger to your health and people should concern more about it.

Smokers are more open to get lung cancer and all smokers have the risk of getting cancer than a person that does not smokes. Smoking produces cancer in the larynx. Following statistics, smokers in the U.S suffer chronic bronchitis and increases the possibilities of dying because a pulmonary emphysema. Men that smoke have a higher death rate from coronary diseases.

This habit also causes as I said, pulmonary emphysema, which is a disease from which lungs loose, the ability to expand and contract.

It causes too chronic bronchitis in which your bronquial tubes get filled with mucus and you start coughing a lot. This interferes with normal breathing and lung function (Meeks 367)

Smoking also affects pregnant women. The bad part about this is that the most affected is the baby or fetus. This fetus born often with a lower birth weights that those of women that don t smoke.

It also causes a premature birth, which is not very good, because many of them die. Smoking don t harms the mother, it harms the baby.

People that smokes are affected mentally too. It impairs the ability to concentrate and relax. It causes stress. Nicotine causes a physical and psychological dependence to cigarettes as if they were drugs. nicotine is an alkaloid which is found in tobacco which in little doses produces a light euphoria reduces hunger, causes fatigue and is a physical excite. ( Garcia Pelayo, 720)

As we see, it is a kind of drug that harms our body and is addictive.

Tobacco consumers are daily affected by the smoke, nicotine and this affects their respiratory system. It causes lung cancer because the tar in the cigarette. The tar is a thick sticky fluid that is produce when the cigarette burns out. It is made up with over 200 different chemicals and also it is considered a cancirogen.

Besides mental and physical causes of the smoking habit, smoking can have disastrous consequences.

It can cause violence because of the body s excitement , accidents like burning something and in some cases suicide.

Another bad thing about smoking that people should consider is that smoking is the major cause of indoor pollution which bothers all non-smokers.

Smoking, also, especially in bed, is one of the major causes of home fires.

Smokers, make their own life shorter every time they light up a cigarette.

But why does a little peace of paper rolled with some herbs inside is so harmful? Why does people became addictive to it? Unfortunately, people that smoke don t even know with what they are dealing. Looking at a cigarette closely, you could observe that a cigarette is not only a white rolled paper with some herbs inside.

A cigarette has carbon monoxide which is a harmful and poisonous gas that replaces the oxygen in the hemoglobin of the blood.

Incredibly , the smoking habit, in most cases, is mental. The act of taking out a cigarette and smoke it becomes sometimes mechanical.

Many people may even light up another cigarette while the other is still burning out.

Unfortunately, the use of tobacco is very open. Anyone that wants to buy cigarettes can do it.

According to statistics , 70 million Americans smoke. Hard smokers smoke around 500 billion cigarettes. This means 4000 cigarettes for each smoker per year, what a big number!

Normally, this horrible habit began since people are teens. More that 50% of juniors smoke. Around 6 million children and teenagers smoke since ages 12-14. People that smokes since their youth have a shorter life that someone that doesn t smokes.

But there s hope for those who want to stop smoking and to start a new way of life. People that are sick of paying money to does that sell cigarettes and kill people. Tobacco consume is considered an illness that, like others have a cure or a way to control it.

There are many ways of stop smoking although they have some bad consequences.

For those who have a strong physical dependence on nicotine, the

substitution of nicotine by chewing gums gives them the flavor and the semptaion as if they were smoking.

Another way is by going to counseling participation in support groups. Unfortunately, stop smoking has its bad part.

People who stop smoking suffers withdrawal symptoms like irritability, inability to sleep, muscle pain, headaches and nausea, but this are a kind of sacrifice to improve their way of life.

People should not smoke for all the reasons ,consequences, and all the risk that smoking involves. People should stop smoking not only for their own health, but also for the health of the people that live around them.

They must have respect for those that want to live a life without diseases and addictions.

Imagine a world without addictions, millions of people would not be sick and the world would be saner, with less pollution and less sick people.

For the people that don t smoke: good job! You will have a better life with less problems. For the people that do smoke: You can stop doing it. Your life style will be better and believe me, your body will be very thankful.



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