Business Advertising Essay Research Paper To

Business Advertising Essay, Research Paper

To inform people about your business

Introduce products into the market

To gain customers/increase sales

Create a memorable image The main aim of the advertising that I do for my shop will

be to attract customers and to increase my sales. The different methods of advertising are listed below:

Television ? This will get your business across to

millions of people. However it is very expensive and since my shop is only a

local shop, and television shows adverts to people all over the country, the

advert would only be applicable to a tiny percentage of people watching and a

waste of money.

Radio ? This is a cheaper method of advertising than a

television advert. Also I could place an advert on local radio for a small cost

and it would go out to people all over the local area.

Leaflets/Posters ? These would be a good idea, since they

are very cheap to produce and you can place them anywhere in the local area, or

hand them out to people. However people

may ignore the adverts, and if I was to produce posters then detailed

information could not be placed on them because they would only be seen for a

short amount of time.

Magazines and newspapers ? If I were to place an ad in the

local newspaper I know that this would be seen by people all over the local

area. It would also be a fairly low cost. However the disadvantages are that

readers do not always look at the advert, and if I were to show an ad in a

newspaper then it would be limited to black and white.

In conclusion, I have decided just to place an advert in

the local newspaper for my shop, and a poster in the window of my shop. This

way it would be seen by a lot of people and it would be more relevant to them

all, living in the area. Having a

television advert would be a waste of money, since the number of customers it

would bring would probably not make the advert worth the setting up costs. A

radio advert isn?t a good idea, since it would take some time to make it and

people are likely to forget it once they have heard it. The same goes for

posters. The advert I have designed is shown on the following page. It is in

black and white and fairly small so that it will not be costly to run in the

newspaper. On the following page is the poster I plan to show in the window of

my shop, this poster can also be produced in colour.


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