Corrupt Society Of Rebels A Story Of

Corrupt Society Of Rebels: A Story Of A Disgruntled Barber Essay, Research Paper

?Lather and Nothing Else? seems to fit Hernando Tellez?s story well. It?s self-

explanatory to the plot of the story and essentially gives away the decision of our

disgruntle protagonist. But what if someone looks at the story in a different perspective?

Perhaps if the point of view was changed? Try to read the story from the sight of an

innocent bystander or the view of the captain in the barber?s chair. The elementary

incantation of irony has become overly abundant in this story, while toiling hand-in-hand

with the badgerment of suspense and irony, which develops the conflict.

At the very beginning, the manifestation of irony is grasped when we are

presented with the situation of our ravaged hairdresser. The very fact that our seemingly

barbaric barber wants to kill the man because he himself has massacred many presents us

with a fascinating plight. ?But we did very well, you know. We caught some leaders.

Some of them we brought back dead; others are still alive. But they?ll be dead soon,? (p.

222). This quote contradicts other quotes, such as, ?The murderer of Captain Torres. He

slit his throat while he was shaving him?? (p. 225). Is this not ironic? He has killed so

many people, therefore he deserves to die? Ludicrous.

Suspense presents exceedingly potent and a vast element in this anecdote. To kill,

or not to kill? In this story, THAT is definitely the question. ?And so, which will it be?

Murderer or hero? My fate hangs of the edge of a razor blade?? (p. 225), pondered the

barber, leaving the reader curiously anticipating what his choice will be. It keeps the

eager reader reading the elusive falsehood and allows the reader to interpret the choices

and introspective of the protagonist. ?I?m sure that with a good, strong blow a deep cut,

he would feel no pain,? (p. 225), is just another example of our lovely suspense in the


Now, the last two literary elements, irony and suspense, build up the next, which

happens to be conflict. In this story, conflict is exceedingly apparent and shows us the

experiences that not every person gets to experience in life. Once again, the question ?To

kill, or not to kill? runs rampant through the story and our minds. ?The skin will yield

like silk, like rubber, like the strop,? (p. 225), quite a conflictive statement, indeed.

This story is quite controversial, and it is found as very good literature with

quality themes. This story is a good example of the choices we make in life, even if the

choices aren?t as important as that one. It demonstrates the choices of our past societies.

The story’s textures give it flavor and interest. Textures like irony, suspense, and the

developed conflict qualify this story as quality literature.




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