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Shakespeare Essay

Although people have a mind of their own and are responsible for their own actions, it is through outside influences which give them the sheer potential to do the unpredictable. This is exactly what is portrayed in the play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare. Macbeth cannot be considered guilty as it was the devious plot of the three witches and his ambitious wife that were the obvious influences for his actions. In addition, due to his inconsistent mental condition, he could not clearly realise the consequences for his actions. This analytical essay will try to support and verify each of these points.

It is indeed obvious that the prophecies of the three witches ended up becoming real events through their absolute power. In the beginning, Macbeth realises their supernatural abilities and in his letter to Lady Macbeth he states They met me in the day of success and I have learned with perfectest report that they have more in them than mortal knowledge (Act I: Scene V). Upon reading this, Lady Macbeth too recognises their capabilities and idea for their prophecy. Therefore all these events were destined to happen and it was most likely due to the connection of the three witches. In spite of this, Macbeth would not have killed Duncan if the witches hadn t told him the prophecy.

Although Macbeth s fate may not justify that he was responsible for his actions, his gullible nature eliminates him to be accounted for murder. In Act I: Scene VII, Macbeth shows that he does not want to be involved in any further unfaithful deeds we ll proceed no further in the business . It is at this point in time where Lady Macbeth becomes annoyed and shows that the murder was not entirely his idea. She constantly tries to persuade him saying From this time Such I account thy love. Art thou afeard To be in the same in thine own act and valour, As though art in desire? Wouldst thou have that Which thou esteem st the ornament of life, And live a coward in thine own esteem, Letting I dare not wait upon I would , Like the porr cat I the adage? It is through this which tests Macbeth s manhood and is persuaded to prove it. Under these conditions, Macbeth could not focus properly and due to this, his innocence is protected.

Further evidences occur when Macbeth s mental state starts to become questionable. At the start of this, he had just been in a blood thirsty battle which may have left him troubled and feeling shocked. It soon becomes evident as the events progress that he has to be suffering some sort of mental illness with his current state of mind. Macbeth s mental instability is further worsened his mental state following Duncan s death, Macbeth shall sleep no more . Even he recognises that his conscious will continue to remain in him and he will never be able to sleep again. Lady Macbeth who suffered no mental illness, but tolerated the same conditions as Macbeth was driven to madness and eventually suicide. Unquestionably then, Macbeth must have been in a far worse state of mind. Taking this into consideration, Macbeth is not held responsible for his own actions.

It is evident, after examination of the facts, that innocence of Macbeth can be seen. It is without a doubt, his beloved wife, the three witches and his mental instability which destined his fate. At any point, Macbeth could not have fully intended to commit the actions portrayed in the events.


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