Dead Poets Society Essay Research Paper

Dead Poets Society Essay, Research Paper


The Cast:

Robin Williams—John Keating

Ethan Hawke—Todd Anderson

Robert Sean Leonard—Neil Perry

Josh Charles—Knox Overstreet

Gale Hanson— Charlie Dalton

Dylan Kussman—Richard Cameron

Allelon Raggiero—Steven Meeks

James Waterson—Gerard Pitts

I. Setting

1 -The film takes place in New England in 1959.

-I thought the setting was perfect for this movie because back then people really did love poetry. These days I couldn?t see a group of guys sitting and reading poetry. It was at the right place and the right time.

2 1) The School- Welton Academy- strict?????????????????????????????????????


3) The Poets Cave- dark, private, they could express themselves there.

4) The students home- all the boys parents were very strict, they wanted the best for th??? s?ns and sort of seemed like what they never had they were trying to make happen



II. Characters

1 I think Todd Anderson is a dynamic character because he changes so much throughout the movie. When he first arrives at Welton he is shy and quiet. Neil helps Todd become more comfortable with everyone and everything. They become close friends and share a lot in common. Todd ends up being just as much a leader as Neil at the end of the movie when he starts standing on the desk, everyone follows him and does the same. He changed into someone that was a leader not a shy guy like he was and Neil Perry helps him do that. Neil is also a dynamic character. He changes very much in this movie. He is a leader and in charge. I think that Neil changes more on the inside than the outside. He was the one who started the Dead Poets Society. (DPS) He grows close to Todd and Mr. Keating. He led Todd into a diverse character. Neil changed into someone who couldn?t express himself as well and that result??????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

III. Personal Fears

1. Todd Anderson overcomes his fear of expressing him self. Mr. Keating thought him how. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Todd ended up expressing himself more than he knew how.

2 Neil Perry?s personal fear would have to be his Dad. H? had the chance to tell his father how he felt about his father. Neil never ended up telling his father how he hated that he bossed him around and told him what he wanted for him and didn?t care what Neil wanted. This ended up with Neil dying. Neil was just afraid of his father. He had his whole future planned out for him.


IV. Relationships







V. Symbols








VI. Journal

The character most like me in this movie, Dead Poets Society has to be Neil Perry. He always knew what to do and to say. Not that I know everything. The way Neil acted was somewhat like the way I act. He was the one who started up the DPS again and ran it was like the leader. I like to in control of things like that the way he was. He lies to Mr. Keating about his parents letting him in the play. I would have done the same. I would have wanted to be in the play so bad, and would have let my parents down the same way. I was letting my mother and father down. Neil and Todd became close throughout the movie. The way Neil treated and talked to Todd and helped him out with not being shy seems just like me. Not all the choices Neil made were like choices I would have. Neil?s decision on committing suicide as not the on I would have picked. Neil thought he had to show his parents that he didn?t want to do what they wanted him to. They wanted him to grow up and be a doctor, Neil didn’t want to. He couldn’t express himself to his father face to face so I think he did it in a way he wanted but we all know that wasn’t right.


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