Judy Blume Essay Research Paper Why Judy

Judy Blume Essay, Research Paper

Why Judy Blume Never Quits

?Nobody but you can do it,? (Blume, 2) was a famous quote written by Judy Blume in one of her famous books. Judy has written over 30 juvenile fiction books that can relate to children?s lives. Judy has worked her whole life to try and reach children by talking about reality, however, other people try and hide the young adults from what is really happening in the world. Children read Blume?s books because it takes them away from the reality of their lives and into the world of her fictional characters whose lives often parallel their own. What a comforting discovery for all who read her books!

In Judy Blumes juvenile fiction books, she allows her readers to become involved in her books. Her books have realistic problems that children these days do go through. However, Judy includes humor and ridiculous actions to make the problems not seem as bad as they really are. (Moritz, 133) In one of her most famous books, she writes about a child going through a divorce and how it affects them. It is a sad reality but a lot of children go though it these days. Judy makes a difficult situation seem not so bad.

Even though her books never won any awards in the beginning of her career, she never gave up. Teachers never assigned her books because they all were afraid of the legion of censors who have for years kept Blumes work on the American Library Association?s annual list of the most challenged books. Teachers didn?t want to risk being the first adult to discuss masturbation in the book ?Then Again, Maybe I won?t.? Or girls who are fatter then others like in ?Blubber? and the sex talk that goes on in ?Are You There God? It?s Me Margaret.? (Smith 64) No teacher, librarian, or parent wanted these books in the hands of children, however Blume had to over come many of these obstacles in order to write her most famous books. These ?taboo? subjects have helped so many girls through the adolescence rights of passage. Without a doubt, these private issues exit and Judy Blume dared write about them.

Because she is outspoken about issues and problems that young people have to deal with, Judy Blume?s books are exceedingly popular with the audience for whom she writes; though their very outspoken may make them unpalatable to some adults. (Richards 24) Conspicuously absent from many of the prize and honor list compiled by critics and librarians, Blume books are well represented when the young readers choose their own favorites. In 1975 the children of Hawaii voted ?Are You There God? It?s Me Margaret? the winner of the Nene Award. The same title was also included in the New York Times list of outstanding Books in 1970 and was on the American Library Associations? list of Notable Books 1940-1970. ?Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? received a Sequoyah Children?s Book Award, voted by the children of Oklahoma, a Charlie May Simon Children?s Book Award, voted by the children of Arkansas and the Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers? Choice Award. (Garret, 70) Even though the adults don?t see Judy Blume?s talent for her realism the children do recognize her exceptional writing abilities.

In addition to her books for younger readers, Mrs. Blume produced a novel entitled ?Forever? (1975), a frank depiction of a high-school love affair that turns out not to be forever. (Commire, 104) Although ?Forever? was published as an adult book, the critics felt that its natural audience was young adults who may have been Blume fans since the appearance of ?Are You There God?? Kids have gone from children to young adult reading her terrific writings.

Realism or real life stories impact all the young adults that have read stories by Judy Blume. American literature tradition dictates that students are exposed to such literary excellence such as E.B. White or Madeleine L?Engle. (Richards 24) Long after these stories are tucked into the memories of teenagers, it is Judy Blume?s real life experience stories that provide meaning and support to teenagers. This author, undoubtedly, has touched so many lives. The readers may not ever remember her name, but they will always remember what she wrote…their feelings, attitudes, questions and experiences that no one else dared even speak about.

Judy inspires her readers by giving them encouragement and writing back to her fans when they have questions like ?how did you start?? (Smith, 64) Blume wants them to know from her, that no matter what other people say, do what you think is right and never give up. Even elementary school kids write her asking ?whom do I go to, to get my work published?? Judy replies by saying ?just share your work with your family and friends, but if you want talk to your librarian about magazines that accept original work from children.? Judy doesn?t support children publishing their work at a young age because rejection is the hardest thing to take, when you put your heart and soul in it.

Today as we move forward into the 21st century, we applaud Judy Blume as a literary pioneer that touched so many lives. One day, she will be heralded as one of the all time great authors of children?s literature. Nobody would of done what Judy has done. Even other children?s authors look to Blume for advice about her outspokenness. One day,her work will be recognized in the schools and her name universally known and not just her books.



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