Judy Blume Essay Research Paper Blume Judy

Judy Blume Essay, Research Paper

Blume, Judy. SuperFudge. New York: Dell Publishing, 1980.

This story is about a boy named Peter and his little brother Fudge. It is about the struggle that kids face growing up with other brothers and sisters. Peter constantly is fighting with his younger brother and is always annoyed with him. Peter cannot stand the fact that Fudge is getting all the attention and he does not receive any from his parents. Fudge soon gets a bird that mocks your every word and this annoys Peter even more. When Peter thinks those things cannot get any worse they do. His parents decide to have another child and on top of that move back to the city. Peter becomes so upset he packs all of his important belongings and contemplates leaving home. The family finally moves and Peter has to adjust to the city life, new school, new friends, and brother and sister now.

This book talks about many struggles and problems that children face growing up in today s society. Many children have to move and readjust to new schools and making new friends. For a lot of children this can be hard on them. It also shows the struggles that older and younger children have getting along with a brother or sister. One child always feels like he/she is always being picked on, left out, or is not getting their fair share of attention. This book does a great job of showing these problems in realistic details. Judy Blume describes many different problems in such a short time. This book can definitely help a child see a bright side to their down times.

This is a very good book and can be used for many different reasons and many different ages. A teacher can use this book in the classroom to help the students who might be new because of a recent move. A parent can use this book to help show why the might act a certain way towards a child or why they make certain living decisions. Most important of all this book can help young children see and learn from reading this book. This book describes the problems very well and a child can learn that it does not only happen to them but others also.


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