Comparativedrivers Essay Research Paper

Comparativedrivers Essay, Research Paper


In the road of life there are many kinds of drivers. Some pleasant and

peaceful others seem as though on a war path. Driving is the most common way of

transportation and is used daily by most Americans. As much time as we spend on

the road we all experience the different types of drivers. I have catigorized the three

most common.

The first type of driver is the “speed demon”. Often in a rush, this derranged

driver can be seen buzzing by every car. When a plane breaks the sound barrier the

pilot must exceed MACH 1. Sometimes the speed demon looks as though he would

like to break his own sound barrier. Most of these drivers often drive shiny red

sports cars that look like a tiny red dot weaving in and out of the yellow striped

lanes. In fact the word speed limit probably doesn’t register in this drivers

vocabulary. Most of the time, when they are not trying to win the Indy 500, the

speed demon with be practicing his handwriting on one of his numerous speeding


Another common driver is the “slow poke”. To fall into this category, the

driver will probably exceed the age of ninety. Both male and female slow pokes

usually can not be seen behind the steering wheel of their prehistoric Lincoln Town

Car. All that is visible is the reflection of silver hair below the dash board.

Aparently these drivers believe in the eleventh commandment, Thou shalt not drive

anywhere near the minimum speed limit. These will also swerve in and out of the lane, only they do so in an unintentional manner. These “slow as molasses” drivers will always be in front of you when you are in any sort of a rush.

Finally, there is the law abiding driver. These drivers usually consist of either a convicted felon or a drunken driver. These drivers are only law abiding because they have broken a law prior to the time the entered the vehicle. The only reason they are following the laws is so they won’t get caught for breaking the previous one. The law abider will usually have his hands at ten and two o’clock on the steering wheel, while driving just below the speed limit. In short, these drivers are merely obeying the law because they are guilty of something else.

All three drivers are guilty in some way, shape, or form. One or the other has broken the law either during or before they get into a vehicle. They all effect they way people travel on the road. They either slow people down, scare people, or put them in danger. In closing people who still believe in good drivers probably still believe in Santa Clause.


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