Guilty By Suspicion A Film Essay Research

Guilty By Suspicion, A Film Essay, Research Paper

Guilty by Suspicion, a Film of Turmoil.

After watching the film Guilty by Suspicion and reading historical information about the same era: the Red Scare in the 1950 s, I am beginning to be disgusted with our so-called perfect America. I know that this may be dissident, and some people may consider that I am jumping to conclusions, however, I am not going to adhere to the atrocious reality of what America has turned out to be on several occasions.

The United States of America has been dubbed the land of the free, but is all that just a sham to falsely glorify our own country in order to adopt preeminence over other countries? I was educated for 11 years, and am continuing my education for years to come, and it is sad to see that so far into my education that I have just begun to realize that I have only learned what my country wants me to learn, not what I could have learned.

Time has shown that those who are the winners of that historical event write history, if you can really call them winners after killing so many people to reach to a goal that seems void once they attain it. Tell me, is it worth fighting for the people, if all the people had to be killed in order to succeed in reaching your goals?

There are very few sources of information about our history that condemn American actions. In the film I just watched, it didn t force me to believe what they were trying to portray, the film had only helped me envision that our country is not exactly the sensation that we have come to adopt under a blanket of deception.

History has not been my favorite subject throughout my education, I cannot slap a reason on why I do not like it, it may be the fault of my teachers, or that I just don t like reading about George Washington s wooden teeth. However, a plausible reason may be the fact that I am jaded with the repetition of how wonderful America is, and how lucky you are able to be in this country.

Nevertheless, I am not saying I am ungrateful for my accessibility and freedom that America has given me. The U.S. is one of the best (and may even be the best) countries in our world among all the countries on the seven continents of the world. From what I have learned, the U.S. is always there for other countries, helping them out. That may be true, our diplomacy may be extremely wonderful, but looking deep down, does America really deserve to be dubbed as dignified and aristocratic as their reputation has accumulated to?

For example, the Civil War of 1861-1865, this war s most memorable historical fact is that it has resulted in the largest number of American casualties than any other war that America has been affiliated with. A whopping 600,000 Americans died fighting for what they had come to believe.

To sum it all up, I can boldly say that Guilty Under Suspicion has helped me in molding my views upon the United States into a well-rounded and unbiased understanding of what kind of a country I live in.


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