Hester And Today

’s Teenagers Essay, Research Paper

Hester and Today’s TeenagersCompared to the 1800’s, today’s society exemplifies more complexity and a more difficult way of life. Although The Scarlet Letter was a book written in the nineteenth century, it reveals a realistic situation happening with today’ teenagers. Today, adultery among teenagers has become a major issue and using Hester Prynne as an example can allow youngsters to reflect on their future actions. Ever since Hester Prynne involved herself with Arthur, her life reflected a solitary desert full of sorrow that was very difficult to survive. The worst part about her situation includes never being able to be with Arthur. Arthur Dimmesdale wanted to protect his position in society, and never faced the truth. Her love for him was hidden inside her heart, and she never had the opportunity to express it to him. In addition, she was isolated in a Puritan society that neglected her. Ladies would comment, “It would be greatly for the public behoof, if we women, being of mature age and church members in good repute, should have the handling of this of such a malfactresses as Hester Prynne” (Hawthorne 59). Furthermore, she had no friend or partner on whom to count or whom to share her feelings. This action was “taking her out of the ordinary relations with humanity and enclosed her in a sphere by herself” (Hawthorne 61). Also, raising a child without the help of the male parent becomes very arduous. In addition to having such a different child as Pearl that asks her frequently about her scarlet letter, Hester had to teach her everything from math to religion. “Then, also, the blameless purity of her life during all these years in which she had been set apart to infamy was reckoned largely in her favor” (Hawthorne 155). As a result, her life was doomed to unhappiness. Hester Prynne was the rosebush surrounded by a difficult life and “this rosebush has been kept alive in history” (Hawthorne 56).

Although it may seem strange, Hester’s situation is duplicated many times now. Lets imagine a situation where two high school kids commit adultery. The guy might not be ready to get married or just does not love her sufficient enough to get married. How will the young teenage girl get through life alone with a newborn? Aborting can be a suggestion, but just thinking about the immorality she would be committing causes her to have the child. Sometimes parents even decide to to desert their kids instead of helping them. Money is a major topic to think about. In order to raise a baby plus oneself, the mother would need to get a job. Only being in high school, she does not have many job opportunities available without the sufficient amount of education. She will not be able to attend school because she will have to stay home with her child to take care of it. For many of the girl’s friend, the idea of hanging out with a girl with a bad reputation for committing adultery is not what they or their parents want. If she ever remarries, her child she had when she was in high school, will feel inferior to the rest of her children. People will have labeled her for becoming pregnant in high school. As a result, we have just examined the consequences of what a moment’s enjoyment can do. Hester is a great example and let’s hope we will learn from her troubles. Life is hard to get through, but with the right decision, it becomes easier.


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