Writing Drafts Essay Research Paper In his

Writing Drafts Essay, Research Paper

In his essay, Writing Drafts , Richard Marias explains how to begin writing the first draft and get to final draft of the writing. He says when you first begin writing your first draft you should list the points you want to cover and list the main points. This process can have any writer hours of starting and stopping time. Once you start writing commit yourself to it. Do not get up to do anything else. Spelling, grammar, organization and clearly of sentences are not that important in your first draft. Always keep your mind open to new ideas and keep writing. Don t tear your draft and start over again just because a new idea popped in your mind. In your second draft be ready to make changes. You might have too shift your paragraphs around. Rewriting is the most important part in which you turn your draft upside down, switch paragraphs and filter the ideas that will interest the reader most. Always be sure to cut out ideas that have no connection with the draft. You can create a smashing paragraph but it may not make sense or connect with your point. In your third draft you can add information, sharpen sentences.

Writing is a process of making a product reach its final stage, ready to be delivered. Don t think that you can write everything in your first draft or express all your ideas in first draft. It takes lot of time to get to the final draft, sometimes a painful one. Writing is not easy but not hard also if you spend time writing with computers it has become very easy you could save your first draft and than second you can always compare them. You can switch paragraphs by cut and paste. Don t let anything stand in your way when you are writhing. Let your house get messy, your mail unopened, phone unanswered. Don t get up to eat or drink. Just sit down, concentrate and write and see how your final drafts come out to be. Your final draft should be what you want your readers to read. It should be very interesting imagine yourself reading your draft as a reader.


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