Monroe Style Speech Essay Research Paper A

Monroe Style Speech Essay, Research Paper

A Beagle becomes a chain smoker in a medical lab. He smokes through a machine linked to his wind pipe by a tube. This experiment is designed to study the connection between smoking and lung disease.

Between seventeen and twenty-two million animals are used in research each year. Another astonishing fact is that city pounds put to sleep between ten and sixteen point seven million dogs and cats each year. Well I know you are all saying “Yeah, Yeah but it is painless and the pounds are humane because they put the animals to sleep painlessly”. True, they do put the animals to sleep painlessly but, what you don’t know is that 1.1% of all dogs and cats in the pound go to research labs. We need people to help prevent things like this from happening.

There are people that have devoted their lives and other people their spare time to help these poor defenseless little animals. These people make up the non-profit organization The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals otherwise known as the SPCA. They use volunteers to help work through the community. To help these animals people need to help because these animals by law have very few rights. Us as citizens though have many rights and have a voice. People need to use these gifts to help. One way people can help is to volunteer.

The benefits of the SPCA is that its volunteers not only help the animals but, people and the community, too. According to Warren Cox, executive director of the SPCA “We must work together to create a better world foe people and for animals…a place of love, kindness, and compassion.” The SPCA’s mission statement is

? To offer refuge, medical care, nourishment and an opportunity for a second chance for life to unwanted animals in our community

? To protect animals from cruelty, neglect, carelessness and ignorance

? To offer a public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals

? To encourage and promote responsible pet ownership

They not only have plans to remove a pet, but they also have plans to keep a pet with in a home and try to help the owner. When an elderly needs help with a pet and cannot properly take care it then volunteers step into help so the elderly and the pet can still stay together. That program is called Homeward bound. They also have dog walking programs, grooming programs, food banks, animal hospitals, adoptathons, and affordable spay and neuter clinics. Like I said before they also help people like the elderly program, Homeward Bound, but they also have programs for pet owners who are homeless, government assisted people, or the mentally ill. They have programs to help disaster victims feed their pets. And of course programs to help the community. They have educational programs for the community know how to care for a pet and teaches the 10 acts of kindness. They even provide domestic shelter violence for women and children of abused homes. This organization and this volunteers work hard to have a peaceful community.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men.”

I want you to help that time come sooner. I want you to go out and volunteer at the nearest SPCA clinic. If you want to help out with the national association American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals otherwise known as ASPCA then call 21-876-7700 or write to the ASPCA at:


424 East ninety-second street

New York, New York 10128-6804

If you can’t volunteer now then donate food bowls, pill holders, pill crushers, pens pencils, leashes, collars, scotch tape, paper cutters, rugs, trash bags, and of course money to your local SPCA. All this you can do to help prevent the cruelty to animals.


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