Searching For Davids Heart Essay Research Paper

Searching For Davids Heart Essay, Research Paper

Searching For David?s Heart, and the author is Adele Griffin.

The main characters in this book is David and his sister Marcy. David is a 15

year old boy who likes sports and is well known at his school, he is a very popular

kid. Marcy on the other hand doesn?t like sports and she is not so popular at school,

but she has friends and everything just not as much as David. I?m no exactly sure

what city it takes place in but it is somewhere in Massachusetts. This book is 160

pages. I think It is a sad book.

David and Marcy have always called each other ?Soul Mates? ever

since there parents have been fighting. From that day on David and Marcy would do

EVERYTHING together, such as going to the movies or just hanging out with each


One day David planed for Marcy to meet him at the movie theaters at 6:00pm, so

Marcy got there at 6:00 on the dot, she was waiting for the longest time for David to

show up but he never did she finally just left, it was 8:00 when she left. When she

arrived home she yelled ?David?? no answer, so she got so worried about him she

deiced to stay up and wait for David to get home. Then at 10:00PM David walked

through the door Marcy was so happy to see him, after David walked in this girl

followed David through the door. Marcy taut to herself Is that David?s girlfriend?

Then the girl kissed David, Marcy ran out of the door because she was so shocked

that David stood her up for some girl. David went running out after Marcy, he ran

across the street, but all of this sudden this big truck came out of no where and hit

David, Marcy saw the whole thing she went running after David, but it was to late,

by the time they got David to the hospital he was in horrible condition and the said

there would be a 90% chance he would live so Marcy?s mom Decided to Donate

David?s heart, it went to an 8 year old boy also named David, Marcy?s family only

saw the little David once, that was when they gave the heart to him. Three months

later in December Marcy decided to look for the Little David. Two week?s have

gone by and Marcy has had no luck Finally on Christmas day Marcy found the little

boy they talked and talked for hours. Now Marcy and David are really close friends,

and he is just like a brother to Marcy.


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