Adoption Essay Research Paper She Caroline found

Adoption Essay, Research Paper

She [Caroline] found a peasant and his wife, hard working, bent down by care and labour, distributing a scanty meal to five hungry babes. Food and shelter are essential items to live. Without food or shelter, it is very difficult to survive. There are distinctive parts in this vast universe in which people, especially children, suffer greatly from hunger. Why not put those starving children up for adoption or into another home that can supply them with food and a roof? Adoption is a disruptive issue, which offers a variety of points of views and cause human beings to contemplate their virtuous status. As seen in the lives of Justine Moritz and Elizabeth Lavenza, Mary Shelley presents an optimistic argument directed towards adoption. Frankenstein s characters represent the real world . Therefore, a keen environment, the economic status of supporting a child and the corresponding situation are all imperative factors when opting with what matter to side.

Some may argue that adoption takes the child away from his parents and places them in completely different surroundings. What if the surrounding they were originally in were hostile? What is the solution? Adoption! As seen in Frankenstein, They [Alphonse and Caroline] consulted their village priest, and the result was that Elizabeth Lavenza became the inmate of my parents house—my more than sister—the beautiful and adored companion of all my occupations and my pleasures. A fond mother and father instigate Elizabeth s adoption. Elizabeth is craving attention and it is obvious that her poverty-stricken parents are not giving it to her. Individuals opposing adoption may dispute that the child is going to suffer by being separated from his/her birth parents. Nevertheless, children need role models; adoption is a prospect to revive lives. It gives children an equal opportunity to grow up in a secure and warm environment. Elizabeth s unity with the Frankenstein family epitomizes that in the end, adoption is the right choice for her as well as for other children in cruel environments. Those who are adopted are not running away from their problems; on the contrary, they are on a mission to solve their problems.

Similarly, taxpayers may argue that the money being spent for adoption programs is unnecessary. In that case, money spent on Welfare and Medicare is unnecessary, too! It is highly expensive to support yourself and even more expensive to support an entire family. The deprived and needy children dying because of hunger and cold in third-world countries could and would be saved if a more wealthy family that could provide food and a blanket adopted them. Money is an issue everywhere. Adoption is a reasonable answer for those that can faithfully afford it. Those opposing this premise believe that money should not be set aside for adoption but in fact it should because in the long run it will all pay off.

Furthermore, opponents to the issue deem that the child who is being put up for adoption could end up in the hands of the unethical family. In spite of this, the process of becoming an adoptive family takes time and every aspect from the car driven, the environment provided and the personality of the parents and other children are carefully scrutinized. Adoption is an option for those negligent teenagers who get pregnant but cannot mentally or physically provide for their child. Any household chosen by the adoption agency is far better than what a typical teenage parent can bestow. Opponents may also bicker that some people could raise their children but they choose not to because they know adoption is available. It is obvious that if they do not want to nurture and sustain the child, the child will feel neglected and unwanted. Justine feels this way when her father dies because the strong relationship she endured with him is brought to an end. This girl had always been the favourite of her father, but through a strange perversity, her mother could not endure her, and after the death of M. Moritz, treated her very ill. Justine is left in an atrocious situation. The adoption by the Frankenstein family allows her to become a servant and repossess a sense of belonging. Adoption is the subsequent solution that can be adapted to any given situation.

Six-year-old Eli n Gonz lez, the Cuban boy who is currently residing in Miami, should be adopted by the family he has in Miami. It is obvious he is too young to make any abiding decisions for himself. If adopted, he will be an exceptional icon as to why adoption is advantageous. The environment that his family is going to provide is loving and warm; every kid needs this. The money being spent will be well worth it because the family is fulfilling the mother s dream of providing her son with freedom. The situation, in which Eli n is in, is a desperate cry for adoption because if his mother were to have made it, Miami is where he would reside. Adoption makes this world a better place to survive. It provides those less fortunate children an equal opportunity to live. Eli n, Justine and Elizabeth spell out why adoption is beneficial: it provides a better environment, supports a child financially and is an ideal solution to situations ranging from rape victims to teen pregnancies.


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