Decision On Dropping The Bomb Essay Research

Decision On Dropping The Bomb Essay, Research Paper

Many innocent lives were lost, as a result of the decision to use of the atomic Bomb. This was an extremely controversial military strategy in the United States. Were the United States justified for many reasons. The main reason was that, it would stop the war quickly, Revenge for Pearl harbour incident and no more innocent allied lives would be taken. This essay proves that it was a good idea to use the Atomic Bomb.

After World War II begun in 2839, President Franklin Delano announced the neutrality of the United States . Many people in the United States thought that their country should stay out of the war. The people wanted the allied Forces to have the victory .President roosevelt also wanted an Allied victory because an axis victory might endanger democracies every where. The Axis did not believe on democracy.

It all started when Japan wanted to take over China,but China refused. The United States oppsed the expansion of Japan in Asia, so they cut off important exports to Japan.

On December 7,1941, Japanese Submarines and Carrier based planes, attack the U.S pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour (Louis L Snyder, p g 521). Also they attack the U.S military airfileds and destroyed 19 American battle ships ,13 naval vessels,and 200 U.S Aircraft (Louis L Snyder pg. 521) .The attack mark the entrance of the United States into the WWII on to Allied side, and Japan in the side of Germany and Italy.

General Hideki Tojo , was the Premeir of Japan.(Mike Fung). He and other japanese did not like the fact that United states were sending War supplies to china and other countries in Asia, This is why made japan attack on Pearl Harbour to get the United States Attention not to messed up with them.

?Although the Attack may have been successful in the minds of the Japanese it became a huge mistake . One reason, it made the United States angry and determined to destroy the Japanese. Secondly it caused the U.S to enter the War.?

?In 1939, Otto Hann and Fritz Strassmann discovered that neutrons striking the element uranium casued the atoms to split apart. Physicist found out that among the pieces of a split atom were newly produced neutrons , this might encounter other uranium nuclei,caused them to split , and start a chain reaction .If the chain reaction were limited to be the result , the chain reaction could release energy rapidly and with explosive force?(Mike Fung).

In late 1939 , President Roosevelt ordered American efforts to make the Atomic bomb before the Germans, because if the Germany made the atomic bomb before the United States , things would be different and germany would control the world if they had and used it . The project was known the ?Manhattan Project? led by J. Robert Oppenheimer and other scientist (Farris, pg. 18). The First Atomic Bomb was tested in New Mexico on july 16,1945.(Farris,pg.20).

And so form onward, Japan was the Subject of numerous large-scale bombing raids .


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