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Internet Shopping Essay Research Paper Internet shopping

Internet Shopping Essay, Research Paper

Internet shopping is one of today’s most popular activities for shopper people. Shopping on the Internet can make people relax and take their time to think about the product that they want to buy. Internet shopping is getting used to be more familiar to people in this society today’s. Holiday is coming soon most of the people will spend they money on shopping and gifts. Therefore, I think Internet is the better way for people to shop.

Shopping on the Internet is a handy for Christmas shopper. When I shop on the Internet I found is more favorable then I go to mall to shop. For example, I can sat at home and move my mouse and click on the items that I want to buy it. On the mall I have to go look the store location and then after I find the store location I have to find the items location in order for me to buy it. On the Internet you can buy any thing from books to clothes, or house supplies. Also, on the Internet we can request they send the merchandise or deliver the items to our own family or friends. Also, if we buy the product on the Internet they offer a free gift box or wrapped at no cost to us. Beside, on the Internet there are so many stores and companies such as Rich, New York Jones, and Amarni Exhange all of these stores not easy to find in a small community area. Therefore, Internet is a easy way for people in the small area to shop and buy their holiday gifts.

Another reason for the people choosing the Internet for shopping is the time. Time is very important for most of the people who live in the Untied States. Most of the people in the United States want to save much time as they can. Especially, during the holiday season most of the people in the United States really want to save much time for the house decoration. For example, I bought a dress for my girl friend only took me couple minutes on the Internet. If I go out to mall and bought a dress for her it will take me at least haft an hour. Internet shopping would also save a time for traffic congestion or crowded traffic. Also, save my gases for my car too. In addition, long waiting lines in cash register and mislays where the merchandise locates. For all of these reasons, Internet shopping is save our time and less traffic problem for many people.

In addition, shopping on the Internet can make people relax and less stress. Most of the people feel stress when they come home from work or school. Most of the people don’t want to go the mall and fighting with the crowded traffic and people in the mall to shop for the gifts. Therefore, most people want to avoid these kinds of problem most people want to sat at home and crank they computer on and sat on the recliner for relax to shop. Also, to avoid the bad attitudes from some people at the waiting line to check out at the cash register. For example, last time I go shopping on the mall after I get out from work I almost fighting with one guy because he said I cut his line to check out. Therefore, I think shopping on the Internet is release the stress for people and avoid so many problems as we shop as the mall.

For all these reason, shopping on the Internet is a great experience for many people. People rely on the Internet shopping during the holiday such as so many reasons: save time, convenience, no traffic problem, and less stress, after we get out from work or school. These are the most major problem that we used to see in the mall during the Christmas season. Therefore, I think Internet shopping is the best choice for all of the people to shop for the holiday gifts.

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