Shopping Provision In Wallington And Dorking Essay

, Research Paper

`??????????? In

this investigation, I wish to compare the shopping provision of the two

centres, Wallington and Dorking, using questions provided in the objectives and

various hypotheses. Not only will I be able to draw conclusions for these two

centres, but hopefully I will be able to relate it to shopping hierarchy in

most if not all modern day developed countries and to the geographical theories

mentioned previously.Objectives In this project

I hope to determine which of the two centres, Wallington or Dorking is the more

important within the hierarchy of the shopping provision and if this is so,

why? Also I wish to

find out whether any significant redevelopment projects have taken place

recently or are due to take place in the near future in either centre and what

effect they have had or are expected to have on the centre. This will be done

by looking at recent changes and noting how they have affected shopping

patterns, for example does one part of the centre have a significantly larger

number of vacant shops than another part? ?????????????? I wish to find out whether the

Sainsbury?s built recently at the top of Wallington high street has affected

shopping patterns of shoppers and what effect it has had on the trade being

passed in the high street as a whole. And whether its effects were a

contributing factor to the decision Dorking council made about refusing

Sainsbury?s proposal to move to where the new swimming pool is to be built from

the middle of the high street. ?????????????? I wish to find out whether there

is any pattern to the land uses in each centre. To do this I will use my land

use map and try to find a pattern and explain it. I will consider the locations

of convenience goods shops, comparison goods shops, supermarkets and nationally

known chain stores. The pedestrian flow, the attractiveness of the shopping

environment, the parking restrictions and the accessibility of the centre, via

other forms for example buses and trains.


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