Congressional Project Essay Research Paper Between these

Congressional Project Essay, Research Paper

Between these two great men Steve Rothman and Robert Torricelli. I have learned a lot about congressmen and politics but I am going to go into both of their biography and tell you a little about them.

Senator Torricelli born Robert Torricelli on August 26, 1951, in New Jersey is where he has spent most of his childhood. Torricelli the son of a school librarian and an attorney, Bob s interest in politics was fueled by his parents and history lessons that he took from his mothers school library. Bob went on to attend University of Rutgers, while there he worked with Brendan Byres successful campaign for governor. After Bob graduated he attended Rutger s law school. Then he worked as a counsel to Vice-President Walter Mondale. Then Bob went to receive his master s degree in public administration from Harvard University s Kennedy school of government in 1980. Since then Bob has been in politics, a right now he is a senator in New Jersey. Bob received most of his money from businesses around his hometown.

Congressman Rothmans is another great man who rights now lives in Fairlawn, New Jersey. Steven R. Rothmans, a 48 year old moderate democrat represents Bergen and Hudson counties in New Jerseys 9th congressional district. Mr. Rothmans is now serving his 3rd Steve has focused on many issues such as social security and bringing down our national debt. Congressman Rothmans wants the best for New Jersey that s why he s in office. Steve also received money for his campaign from several businesses around New Jersey.

The two federal agencies I have chosen to research were the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency). But first I will talk about the CIA because that s my favorite. President Truman created the CIA in 1947 with the signing of the National Security Act. The CIA is an agency, which deals with larger crimes and government politics for the nation s security. The CIA is an independent agency, which means they run themselves with a chairman and his name is John E. McLaughlin. The CIA is very important to our government even though they are not apart of it. I maybe old see my self in the CIA in my upcoming years.

My second choice of agencies was the NSA (National Security Agency). The national security agency is an agency ran by the executive branch of the government, So that means the president runs it. The main concept of the NSA is to protect and serve the USA and make sure and back all defense agencies in the government. They are the ones who determine whether it s the navy s job or the army s in a war. The are like a big brother to all of our defenses. Without them we wouldn t know how stuff would be when it comes to war we probably would lose.


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