Sepember 11th Essay Research Paper The stories

Sepember 11th Essay, Research Paper

The stories have been all over the television, radio, papers and we have been bombarded by the images that will be hard to forget. On September 11th, 2001 the United States was attacked when four planes were hijacked by terrorists. These planes were forced to crash in to the World Trade center buildings (the Twin Towers). It?s hard to believe that anything else but this will be talked about for the next while.

I first heard of the attack when I was released from my audio class to go for break. I immediately rushed to the nearest television to hear the full story. What I witnessed was probably some of the most shocking footage and images, I have even seen. The jets thrusting directly into the twin towers were, immensely powerful and the stricture failure of the buildings was unbelievably even stronger. I kept hearing the same comments everywhere that I went throughout the rest of the day. People just kept saying that this was just too unreal and that it was like something out of a movie and it truly was.

This tragedy proved many issues to the world. Firstly if proved that the untouchable America may not have been as well protected as they seemed. It also proved that a country could unite and become stronger once attacked. Too bad that?s what it took. And finally if proved the worlds of fiction and non-fiction had been spliced together. A lot of the people I talked to kept referring to such movies as Independence Day, Die Hard, Armageddon and Air Force One, just to name a few. These movies were mentioned and compared to what happened in New York City. The images and footage and sounds we experienced on September 11th were something right out of a Hollywood Blockbuster movie starring our favorite action star. Which leaves us waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger to catch the bad guy at the end. In moves we always know that everything will work out for the best, its too bad we cant have that same reassurance in reality.

Not since the shooting of JFK has the world been so shocked and glued to their television sets, waiting too see what happens next. September 11th is defiantly a day that will forever be frozen in time. Most people that grew up around the time Kennedy was shot remember where they were and what they were doing. To me I believe that this will be another one of those days. I will always remember that day in audio class, first period on Tuesday, in my third semester at Seneca. The day the world sat still in shock.

Fiction Meets Reality


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