Sixth Sense Essay Research Paper The Sixth

Sixth Sense Essay, Research Paper

The Sixth Sense

Many works of literature can be analyzed in many different ways. In the movie The Sixth Sense many aspects of the movie portray a great deal of religious symbolism. I will use the New Criticism approach to analyze these symbols. The uses of religious symbolism include Cole s religious figurines taken from the church, the many trips and prayers in the chapel and the numerous prayers Cole s says during the times he is frightened by the ghosts he sees.

Cole s religious figurines he has set up in his man-made red tent of Jesus, Virgin Mary and many angels is a way Cole tries to prevent the ghosts and demons from interfering with him. What is ironic about these figures is the fact that he stole them from a church, a religious building and betraying god s words of It is wrong to steal . Cole believes that these figures will allow god to protect him from these ghosts who he thinks are trying to kill him, but are really only trying to come to him for help as he thinks he is going to god for help with the figurines. Another ironic aspect to this is that Cole is afraid of the ghosts, but the only person he can talk to about his problems is the Doctor, who in turn is a ghost himself, who doesn t realize so. By keeping this distress to himself, Cole feels his life is uncontrollable and can not live a normal childhood like he would like. All of this is too much for a boy of young age to deal with, without the support of a older figure, but his mother still expects him to act like a normal child.

Many times during the movie Cole visits the church sanctuary to pray to god for help. This location denotes good faith and godly duties, yet his youth is still plagued by the never-ending haunt of ghostly creature interfering with his conviction to god. The church denotes a false sense of a safe place in the movie. Cole often tells of the ghosts he sees, but in reality he receives very little protection and forces him to survive on his own. The falseness also is evident as Cole feels safe in the church, but still realizes that he must at some point leave the church and again face the ghosts. This is very tragic that a young boy s childhood, the most enjoyable time in one s life must be hampered with fear of dealing with ghosts.

To pray is to come to god and ask for help and forgiveness. Both Cole and his mother use prayer throughout the movie to ask god for help and guidance. Cole asks for guidance to help when he is caught at night with ghost that no one else can see or hear. These prayers of help make the reader feel extremely sympathetic towards Cole, wish that they could help him themselves and allow him to live a normal childhood like all children should. On the other hand, Cole s mother prays that she can understand Cole and be able to help him like a mother should. His mother is completely unaware of Cole s power to see dead people, so therefore can not help him deal with his problem. Cole s mother goes thru many motherly attempts to better understand her son s upsetting manner. She comes to god in prayer for support in attempt to place her family back in good standing.

Religion is a major role in many lives today. In the movie The Sixth Sense different religious objects, building and prayer s give us good understanding that not everything in life is all rosy and red , but many aspects are detrimental to one s comfort ness. Cole is an example of a destroyed childhood, and too this day nobody knows why someone or something would do such destruction to such a young boy s life. The use of religion was a theme carried throughout the movie, and in many different variations.


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