Enders Game Essay Research Paper The force

Enders Game Essay, Research Paper

The force and empathy are both representations of the power the main characters, Luke and Ender, use to defeat their enemy. The force helps Luke to stay focused and maintain poise when fighting his enemy. Enders ability of using empathy helps him to understand his enemy better and allows him to make decisions based on how the enemy would act on them.

Luke uses the force to overcome great challenges. This will make him more focused and he will learn how to control his fears, using them against him. This will also make him more confident when fighting with his enemy. Ender also uses a special ability to overcome challenges. He uses empathy. When fighting with the Stilson boy Ender made a decision to end the fighting then by making the Stilson boy not able to fight back. He did this because he knew that the Stilson boy would keep coming if he didn t. Empathy for Ender was a big tool in outsmarting the enemy. It also makes Ender one step ahead of his enemy.

Another example of Luke using the force is when he sensed that Leah and Han Solo were in trouble and came to their rescue. This was a sign that Luke s ability to use the force was getting stronger. It also meant that he could sense danger. Ender used empathy when he was in the battle room. He would always predict what the opposite team was going to do, because he knew how they thought by getting inside of their head. Ender was able to detect traps because of this, like when the Salamander team got in the battle room 5 minutes before they did and he knew how to handle the situation because he knew that if he were Bonzo he would have done that. Ender became more flexible to his ideas through empathy.

Ender destroys the whole bugger species, because he knew that they would not be able to detect what he was going to do. Empathy made him quick in making decisions as it is shown in the part of the book when he attacks the buggers. Luke fights Darth Vader at the end of Empire Strikes back. The whole time he uses the force in fighting Darth. He could not have survived two seconds if he didn t know how to use the force. Both Darth and Luke s ability to use the force was very high.

When Ender defeats the buggers he becomes like them through empathy. He then rights a book on the buggers telling the story from their point of view. This takes a good sense of empathy because it s not like anyone told him these things. All the buggers are dead. He uses empathy to see things from their point of view. Luke, in a sense, becomes like his father at the end of the book too. His father is half computer and half human. When Luke s hand gets cut off by his father he became more like him because he had to get it replaced with a mechanical one, which made him human and computer also. He then accepts who he is, and his destiny.

Empathy and the force played key roles in fight between Ender and the buggers, and Luke and Darth Vader. It helped them think like their enemies, which helped them defeat them. Empathy and the force were powerful tools for Luke and Ender.


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