Quickbooks Pro Essay Research Paper The world

Quickbooks Pro Essay, Research Paper

The world today is in the computer age. Almost everyone now has a computer or access to a computer. Now that almost everyone knows how to use a computer, almost every business has one. Business?s before had to rely on people to do all the accounting by hand, and doing the accounting for a business used to take a lot of man-hours to complete. Business?s slowly moved into letting computers do a lot of the work for them, but they still had people to check on the computers because the applications that they were using would sometimes screw up and cause a lot of confusion or even loss of money. With the latest application QuickBooks Pro 2000, there is little need for any backup measures.

This application does everything that the business needs to do, manage your business, track time, do payroll, develop estimates, and much more. QuickBooks Pro 2000 quickly finds the reports you need with the Report Finder, shows you critical information about your business at a glance with Company and Customer Centers, and tracks tax deadlines for you. The Program is easy to use once you take the time to enter everything in. For a business that is already established this may take some time and manpower. This creates some jobs for people that are proficient in data entry. Once all the data is in, the company can cut most of its accounting staff, since they have the computer that can take care of everything else. Another job that is created is that of the computer technician, this person would need to make sure that the computer has redundant features. These features would keep the computer from crashing and losing valuable information. Even if the computer crashes the program has a backup feature so when a computer crashes with unsaved information, the loss of data is kept at a minimum. QuickBooks even takes care of banking online. All you need is a bank that has the option of online banking and the program takes care of the rest for you. You can even pay bills with this application. It will even allow you to print out checks for payroll and for payouts. This would mean that the people that usually do this for the business could be cut. After all the accounting data is entered into the program there remains one job that needs to be filled. That is the job of keeping the information up to date and entering new data. This is a relatively easy job for an employee to do, since the program is easy to use. Unfortunately this program is not meant for the very big companies, since they need to have a lot of people to double check everything. This program is meant for the small to mid-range business.

With this program almost anyone can run their own business right from their own home. This is probably the biggest source of employment that the program offers. People can start and manage their own business easily, and they don?t have to pay anyone to run their payroll or do the bookkeeping. People starting their own business and running it with QuickBooks might even hire someone to take care of the data entry with this program, which is another job opening. With the money that the person saves on not having to pay a private payroll company, they can expand and hire more employees.

Today more and more people are starting their own businesses. Everyone is looking for their piece of the ?computer pie? so they can make more money. With this new application people can do just that. They can start a business with less starting capitol and run all of the heavy accounting tasks easily from a computer. The program pays for itself in only a few months. In today?s computer world there are many applications that help businesses. QuickBooks Pro is one of the best.

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