Death Penalty 6 Essay Research Paper Death

Death Penalty 6 Essay, Research Paper

Death Penalty

In The “Death Penalty is a Step Back” by Coretta Scott King, she makes some very good and strong points opposing the death penalty. To bad all those points can be countered very easily with logical explanations. Yes, Mrs. King is right when she states that two wrongs don’t make a right, but in some cases besides math it does, and the death penalty is one of those cases. She seems like a very gentle, and caring lady since she is against the death penalty even though she has lost two loved ones to killers herself.

In her first point, she says that our justice system has a flaw towards the innocent people who were unfortunately convicted and executed as guilty. One is enough and that is right, we all make mistakes, but why throw our whole justice system away because of

one mistake. But still sailing in the same boat we have had thousands of correct executions also.

Secondly, she says that we say there is no hope for rehabilitation. Why should these brutal killers be rehabed after what they have done. She asked who should make the determination of who is capable of rehab? Let’s ask her these who makes the determination of who lives and who shall be murdered? It surly is not the killers choice of who’s time is up.

Third, the black issue has nothing to do the death penalty. It is not discrimination or anything, it is just the way the ball bounces. There is no white or black issue in the

judicial system. The best statement she makes is that ” The only way to break the chain of violent reaction is to practice non-violence as individuals and collectively through our

laws and institutions.”

On the flip side, the article “Death to Killers” by Mike Royko hits the spot. He is totally correct in that those who do not support the death penalty should sit down and think of new legitimate reasons to support their beliefs. Royko states that the purpose of law is to serve and protect. So lets make sure society stays protected from these psychos and keep them contained. If these killers are strong enough to murder, they will be strong enough to carry the consequences too.

Supporting him, the way it should be is that however their victim was killed that should be the way they should be executed. They should have to go through the same pain and suffering that the victim did. Now that would be sort of barbaric, but it would also be poetic justice for the victims survivors. It would also help deter some murderers from even thinking about committing that terrible deed.


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