Failure To Succeed Essay Research Paper Success

Failure To Succeed Essay, Research Paper

Success at Failing to Succeed at Failing to Succeed at Failure

Pay attention! Read, listen and learn from the master. Failure, as an objective, is much like meditation in that is so simple that

one has the tendency to make it overly complicated. Relax and observe a seasoned pro?s step-by-step blueprint for failing

Language 3101.

First one must establish the right relationship with one?s teacher. This can be achieved in several ways and in many different

situations beginning with the in-class attitude. Arrive late or not at all. This will present your teacher with a glaring depiction of

your attitude toward his or her class. Take a seat at the back of the classroom, put your feet up on your desk, and (this is

important) fold your arms. This type of closed body language shows that you are totally unwilling to learn.

In the event that your teacher singles you out for one-on-one communication, be prepared. What follows is a list of phrases

guaranteed to lower your teacher?s opinion of you:

?Sir by, yer burnt!?

?Sir, what are ya talkin? about??

?Sir, you?re funny lookin?.?

?Sir, can I borrow your book, pen, paper and imagination??

With your demeanor now well in check, we can focus on your work ethic. As a general rule, the most efficient way to fail any

course is to abstain from meeting the course work requirements. In this case, however, the more you flaunt your sloth, the

better your chances become of succeeding at failure. Draw attention to yourself with questions like:

?Sir, when was that essay due??

?Sir, did we have any homework??

?Sir, what does ?n-a-r-r-a-t-i-o-n? mean??

The religious practice of these simple steps should land you a big, juicy UTE (Unable to Evaluate) on your next progress

report. There are, of course, always deviations from the norm. For instance, your teacher may be grossly incompetent and-

perhaps feeling guilty for not knowing your name after 3 months – decide to pass you with a ?D?. This calls for drastic action.

Arson is a time-tested method for making people very angry with you. Simply set a torch to your teacher?s home, car, mother

or favorite red pen, and you?re bound to leave school with the lowest mark in recorded history. You will, of course, be in

prison shortly thereafter where impressing your teacher (warden) with your laziness will become much more of a challenge.

From here on in, you?re on your own.


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