My Life Essay Research Paper One Monday

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: My Life Essay, Research Paper One Monday morning my mom called me and said ?Your going to be late for school.? I yelled back ?Good I want to be late now leave me alone.? and I

My Life Essay, Research Paper

One Monday morning my mom called me and said ?Your going to be late for

school.? I yelled back ?Good I want to be late now leave me alone.? and I

went back to bed. She called me again so I got up because I knew I wouldn?t

hear the end of it if I didn?t get up. I rolled out of bed, pulled on my clothes

and stumbled down the stairs.

The time was 8:30 and I didn?t have time to eat so I brushed my teeth, and

hair, and washed my face. I needed a pop to make it through first period so I

stopped by the store, but the shipment hadn?t come in and all they had was

wussy pop so I left. I made it to school right when the bell rang so I ran to

homeroom so that I would not be late. Then I found out we had a English test

and I knew I should have slept in.

I had two spares to study for my next test and to work on this awful story. I

knew that I wasn?t going to be able to get both things done so I picked the

story to work and try to get a decent mark. I thought and I thought but I ran

out of ideas. Then I asked a trusty source for short story ideas, the one, the

only: (drum roll please) [insert name of friend here], [friend] is a short but

solid kid, he has copper hair and sometimes wears glasses. I asked [friend]

for some ideas for my story but that was a blank because he just came to

school because he skipped period one English. So I sat down and put on my

green thinking hat,……… Well that didn?t work. So I sat down and thought

some more: think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think,

think, think. Still drawing a blank so here I go again: think, think, think,

think, think, think.

Well I guess I will have to tell you about the rest of my day even if it hasn?t

happened yet. Period 3 I am still working on this story (which isn?t going

anywhere fast) and still asking [friend] for ideas to put in my story. At lunch

I go to [teacher] for chemistry help before the test and hope that he has the

time. Then I go to my next class which is information processing and work

on my web page which is in the final steps of completion. Then I try to skip

next period so that I can study, but I hand in this short story and the principal

is waiting at the door and say?s with an evil laugh ?I thought that you might

try to skip your chemistry test.? And for the rest of the day I wondered how

they managed to stay one step ahead of me.

I try to think of new ideas as I run the spell checker and the word count but

it doesn?t take long enough. I try to think of more ideas as I talk to [friend]

about the Simpsons and I check out his web page. [friend] finally figures out

how to put links in his web page and everyone in the class flocks around his

computer to look at his web page and Americas favourite fatboy ?Homer J.

Simpson? And then [another friend] tells [friend] to show me a picture on [a

third friend]?s web page and, and , and HOLY SMOKES THATS THE


Well period 2 is almost over and I am still writing this stupid story but not

for much longer. Now back to my day. I go home and rake leaves for a

couple of hours, and when I am tired of that I go inside but when I get inside

my mom gets mad at me for not doing my story and that I was supposed to

call the teacher and tell her why my story isn?t handed in. Instead I call [yet

another friend] and ask if I can come over so that I don?t have to work on this

story. The next day I get to school and there she is waiting for me !!. The evil

principal is standing by the office. I duck just in time and I crawl out the door

only to be confronted by the next evilest person [evil teacher]!. I scream in

terror as the principal walk out the door and says ? So you thought you could

get away did you.?

I whimpered ?No [name of principal]? She drags me inside and throws me

into the closest chair and starts screaming at me. I quickly offered her a

handful of Tic Tacs but all I got in return was an evil glare.



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