I Woke Up In Darkness Essay Research

I Woke Up In Darkness Essay, Research Paper

I woke up in complete

darkness with an uncontrollable sharp stabbing pain in my jaw, it was the

middle of the night and I was about ten, I had been sleeping in the top bunk

bed in our Camper Van.? I gave out a

great cry of pain and I could hear my mum coming down the steps from her cabin

bed.? She switched on a light and I

could see blood all over the camper vans lineal floor, I could hear my sister

Jenna complaining about the bright light that had awoken her from her deep

sleep, Mum told her to go back to sleep.?

My mum took me up of the floor and placed me into the bed and I can

remember jumping up and down with the pain.?

Mum took me into the bathroom to clean up the blood and I remember her

holding me on her knee while she sponged my face with a facecloth.? I also remember the bathroom being very

small for two people.?? My stepfather

Davy was also at the door of the bathroom and then he turned to clean up the

blood from the floor.? Mum remarked that

I must have put a tooth through my face, as there was a small hole above my

lip.? When the bleeding stopped Mum put

me back into bed and I was still in a lot of pain but she stayed with me for a

while and comforted me to try and make me go back to sleep.? After some time Mum decided that she wanted to

call the casualty department at Coleraine Hospital to ask their advice on my

fall.? When she came back I told her

that I could feel a hole on the inside of my mouth ? my tongue would have gone

into it.? Mum got a torch and looked in

and said nothing.? I could hear her

going up the steps to the cabin bed and speaking with my stepfather.? Next thing I knew was that Mum was telling

me we were going to Coleraine Hospital.?

My stepfather gathered me up in my sleeping bag and Mum got into the

back seat and I was handed into her.?

Mum was able to hold me while Davy drove the car to the hospital.? At the hospital the nurses were waiting on me and

they put me into a wheelchair and took me into a check up place that had

curtains all around.? The doctor came

soon and they told me that I needed stitches as the inside of my mouth had been

split open.? They cleaned my wound with

a liquid in syringe and this was easily done as I had a hole on the outside of

my face as well.? After cleaning up they

froze my mouth but I was in so much pain already that I did not feel anything

else.? The doctor was stitching my mouth

and he told the nurse that the wound was much bigger that he first thought and

that he would need to put in 6 stitches.?

When he was finished he put two paper stitches on the open cut on my

face.? When he had done that he made me

sit up and I started to vomit.? The

nurse got a dish for me to be sick in and the doctor became very worried.? I remember looking at Mum and Davy and they

looked very worried as well. ?They

allowed me to lie down again for a while to see if I got better but each time

they made me sit up I was sick.? The

doctor then told the nurse to call the radiographer, as I need to have my skull

x-rayed.? t took a while for the lady to come and she was

not very nice to me.? She asked me to get out of the wheelchair and sit on a stool

and place my face into something that held my jaw still and bite on a

straw.? I felt very sick again and I

remember getting very warm and wanting to fall.? Next thing I knew I was on a trolley and the lady was still very

cross with me.? My mum told me that I

had fainted and that the x-ray would be done differently in another room with

me lying on a bed.? This was definitely

much easier to do.? We then waited for

the results and my Mum told me that everything was all clear.? The doctor came to see me again and

explained that he was not prepared to let me go home and that I would have to

stay the night for observation.? Next thing that happened was I could hear an

alarm bell ringing and all the nurses running about and putting on white

plastic aprons.? The nurse came in and

told my Mum that there had been a bad car accident and that they would have to

clear everyone else out of the casualty department to make room.? I could hear another man shouting to get the

theatre ready.?? Another nurse came in

and started to wheel me out on the bed and while that was happening one of the

car crash victims was being wheeled in ? he had a red collar round his neck and

had a lot of blood over him, he was not making any noise.? He was wheeled past us and the ambulance men

were shouting about the theatre.? I was

then wheeled on towards a lift where I was taken to the children?s ward.? It was now 4.00am in the morning as I could

see the clock in the ward.? I had been

at the hospital for two hours.? Mum was

staying with me and I was put into a bed while she sat in a chair.? I woke up and it was daylight ? it was now 6.00am

with the clock and the nurses were speaking to everyone.? They gave me painkillers for my pain through

a syringe into my mouth as by now my face was very swollen and my lips were

closed together except for a small opening.?

I was also very thirsty and mum was able to give me some drink through

another syringe.? The taste of the drink

was not very nice as I could taste blood as well.? I wanted to go home but I had to wait for the doctor to review

me.I looked around the ward and there were another 5

children in the ward, but I can only remember what was wrong with 4 of them.? To my left there was a boy who had fallen

off his bike and he had two broken arms, one broken leg and a gash on his

hand.? He asked my mum how many stitches

I had and she told him 6 inside and two outside, he complained to his mother

that he had no stitches.? Another girl

had swallowed a needle and she kept going away for x-rays.? There was a small boy who had eaten his

grandmother?s sleeping tablets and he was sleeping and had been for 32 hours

but the nurses would keep setting him up and try to make him drink

something.? The fourth person was a girl

who had broken her leg on a slide and her Dad was meant to be going to a

wedding that day.My stepfather arrived with my clothes and a Man

United magazine for me.? I wanted to get

up and get dressed and go home but I still had to wait for the doctor.? He did not come until 1.00pm and I was

getting very fed up.? My mouth and head

were very sore and I wanted to go home to my own bed to sleep.? When the doctor came he asked me to open and

close my mouth but I could not do this, he insisted that I tried, as he needed

to know if my jaw was broken.? I tried

very hard and managed to open and close a wee bit. He then told me that I could

go home, I was very glad.? Mum got me

dressed and we went back to the camper van in Benone but I asked Mum to take me

back to our house.? We packed up the

camper and went home.? It was a lovely

summer?s day and we got visitors but I did not go outside I stayed in the house

and played with my Nintendo.? Mum kept

coming in and out and giving me sprite through a syringe, as I was thirsty all

the time.It took 5 days for the swelling in my mouth to go down

enough for me to be able to eat something.?

Mum had been feeding me soup through the syringe and I managed to eat

some ice cream off a teaspoon.? When the

swelling went down Mum took me to the dentist to check my teeth.? They were okay and he was able to see from

the x-ray that my adult teeth should be okay.?

Every time I go to the dentist he is still able to see the scar in my

mouth even though I can?t.? I do have a

small scar on my face where I had the hole.


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