Adolf Hitler The Final Solution Essay Research

Adolf Hitler The Final Solution Essay, Research Paper

Adolf Hitler: The Final Solution

During the summer of 1941, Chancellor Adolf Hitler initialized The Final Solution to the Jewish Question . Hitler started this program because he wanted to create a highly centralized state and one for the master race, Germans. Exterminating Jews was, for Hitler, the only way to create a perfect Germany because it would eliminate the malignant tumors , the race that caused Germany to lose World War One. Hitler s decision to start exterminating Jews changed the course of history. In the end, over 6,000,000 Jews were killed and a Jewish state known as Israel, evolved.

In the Summer of 1941, Adolf Hitler started exterminating Jews and other non-Aryans, as a part of his plan to create a perfect Germany and to carry out his Final Solution to the Jewish Question . Before exterminating 6,000,000 Jewish people, Adolf Hitler had already performed several actions which singled out the Jew as an evil person and one who should be killed. In 1923, Hitler was caught while trying to overturn the Bavarian government and was imprisoned for 5 years. In prison, he wrote the famed autobiography, Mein Kampf, in which he stated his first publicly known anti-Semitic beliefs and his Final Solution to the Jewish Question . While imprisoned, there was a worldwide depression as economic markets crashed worldwide. This would help Hitler because once out of prison he would use this to help gain power both for the Nazi s and for himself politically by promising better things to come in the future. In 1933, while preaching in front of a large Nazi crowd, Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats for Germany s loss in World War One. If at the beginning of the War and during the War twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas, as happened to hundreds of thousands of our very best German workers in the field, the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain. Many people were upset at the loss, and blaming the Jews made many people anti-Semites. Once he was named chancellor in 1933, Hitler preached about creating a Germany for true German people and a more centralized Germany. This included eliminating those who were non-Aryans and/or non-German. He would later detail about what a true German was in the Nuremberg Laws. He stated that Jews were not really Germans but instead, they were non-Aryan, and they were malignant tumors. These laws legitimated racist anti-Semitism and turned the purity of German blood into a legal category. This led Jewish people to believe that there was no purpose of living in Germany because they had no rights to do anything, so the Jews emigrated to different countries. In 1938, there was either forced emigration for those Jews who did not leave or ghettoization. Ghettoization was a process which put the Jews behind walls in little towns called Ghettos. This secluded and kept the Jews from the other Germans. After all of the measures taken by Hitler to seclude Jews, Hitler started what was to be known as the Holocaust. Starting in 1935 , Jews were beginning to get persecuted in a event which was to be later known as the Holocaust. Death camps and concentration camps that had been built by Hitler earlier in the 1930 s were put into use. As Hitler himself put it, Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. During the Holocaust German SS Troops would invade homes and kill the Jews inside or they would arrest them. They would send away the arrested by train to different concentration and/or death camps, resulting in the separation of families. Once at the concentration camps, Jews were lucky if they were put into forced labor. Usually, the Jews at concentration camps would get either gassed, tortured, cremated alive, shot, or starved to death. In the end, over 12 million total non-Aryans died during the Holocaust including 6 million Jews. In the midst of all of the Holocaust chaos, a Jewish boy named Herschel Grynszpan caused a larger anti-Semitic uproar and helped Hitler with his ideas tremendously. Grynszpan, whose Polish-Jewish. parents had been deported, walked into a German embassy in Paris in 1938 and killed a German diplomat. He too was killed but this time because he fought back against a cause. During the Holocaust, people were all killed because of what they were, non-Aryans, not who they were.

Pre-adult experiences, including exposure to anti-Semitism and joining the German army for World War One, led Adolf Hitler to his beliefs about Jewish people and to his quest for a perfect Germany. Alois Hitler, Adolf s father, who was an absentee father and never really gave much time to his family, was said to believe in the ideas of an anti-Semitic politician named August Georg Von Sch nerer. One year after he retired to spend time with his family, he died. Between the years of 1900 and 1905, Hitler attended Realschule (High School) where teachers openly taught anti-Semitism. Hitler (was influenced) by remarks at home or by his classmates, and perhaps also by his teachers, at the Realschule in Linz, and thereby learned to understand the word Jew in an increasingly pejorative sense. Hitler also became a German nationalist at Realschule. If now, after so many years, I examine the results of this period (the time in Realschule), I regard two outstanding facts as particularly significant: First: I became a nationalist In 1906, Hitler moved from Linz to Austria which, at the time, was very anti-Semitic. Hitler had originally moved to Austria to get into the Imperial Academy for Fine Arts at which he failed twice. Hitler then lived on the streets with a poor income and looking for any way out. In 1914, Hitler joined the 16th Bavarian Reserve for World War One and quickly moved up the ranks. This was the first public showing of Hitler s nationalism because he fought for his country. After the war, Hitler remained in the army and he became a political educator for the soldiers where he learned to control groups with his oratorical skills. Later on, Hitler would use his oratorical skills to persuade people into believing in his ideas. Hitler was also a spy on various groups including the German Workers Party (GWP), a radical, anti-Semitic, German nationalist group. In September 1919, Hitler resigned from the army and joined the GWP. In 1920 Hitler became the head of the group and renamed it, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or Nazi for short. After joining the German Workers party, Hitler s shallow anti-Semitic ideas were enforced and deepened by being around anti-Semitic people for days on end. Upon becoming chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler immediately started openly stating his anti-Semitic remarks. When seeing that these strong statements were popular among the people, Hitler continued on with and developed further his anti-Semitic ideas and plans.

In the end, Hitler s Final Solution resulted in the hurting of the German war effort, the killing of 6,000,000 Jews, over 4,000,000 other non-Aryans, as well as the creation of a Jewish state known today as Israel. Following the Holocaust and World War Two, Adolf Hitler, the worst war criminal of all time; Heinrich Himmler, overseer of the Final Solution; and Joseph Goebbles, propaganda minister of the Third Reich, all committed suicide and thus avoided Allied prosecution . Later, Hitler s 22 closest henchman were brought to stand trial for their atrocities in what was known as the Nuremberg Trials. Starting on November 20, 1945 , 22 of the most powerful Nazi s including Hermann G ring, Hitler s right hand man, were taken to military court. At trials end, G ring as well as 11 other defendants were sentenced to death. Before being hung, G ring swallowed a cyanide capsule. Many other trials were held for other less important Nazi s who still today are being convicted and sentenced. Approximately 300,000 European Jews survived the Germans attempt to exterminate them. Many of these survivors emigrated to other nations worldwide like the United States but most ended up in what is known today as Israel. Between 1948 (the independence of the state of Israel) and 1951, almost 700,000 Jews immigrated to the newly established nation of Israel, including more than two-thirds of the Jewish displaced persons in Europe. At the end of the war, a new chapter opened in the history of the Jewish people, with the establishment of the State of Israel taking prominence Alongside their longing for kin, their search for family and friends, and the strong desire to reconstruct their lives, they lifted their sights to the nation emerging in Palestine.

I do truly feel that childhood experiences did lead Adolf Hitler to his anti-Semitic ideas. From his father, to his teachers. From Linz, Germany, to Austria. Everywhere Hitler went, there was anti-Semitism. When he join the GWP, he saw that many other people shared his beliefs and this caused him to become more infatuated with the idea of killing the Jew. Once getting power in Germany, Hitler saw that people accepted his ideas and did not reject his plan to create a perfect Germany.


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