Pigs In Heaven Essay Research Paper As

Pigs In Heaven Essay, Research Paper

As a sequel to The Bean Trees Barbara Kingsolver?s Pigs in Heaven continues the story of Taylor and Turtle. The main events of the story start at the Hoover Dam where an illegally adopted six-year-old Cherokee kid, Turtle, saved the life of a man who fell off from the dam. This incident brings Turtle and her mother Taylor not only great recognition, but also to the attention of Annawake Fourkiller, a young Cherokee lawyer in Heaven, Oklahoma. Fourkiller finds out that the adoption of Turtle was illegal. Annawake decides to bring to Taylor?s attention the question of Turtle being much happier with her native tribe than with the mother. Taylor becomes afraid of losing Turtle and leaves to Seattle. Turtle?s adoption problem also causes Taylor?s mother, Alice Greer, to take a trip to Heaven, Oklahoma. Alice is Taylor?s ?lawyer?, but also finds her true love, Cash. Because of many problems, Taylor comes back to Heaven. The settlement of the adoption problem is tolerable and satisfying. Turtle not only ?wins back? Taylor, but also meets her grandfather, Cash. Now, according to the decision of the court judge, Turtle will live with Taylor nine months in Tucson and the summer she will spend with Cash and his future wife, Alice. This means Turtle will learn both white and Indian cultures.

One important theme that was introduced to the novel was optimism by Taylor. She went through so many problems such as being robbed and also having the possibility of having her child taken away from her. She also worked very hard to support Turtle and herself. Love is another theme brought about by Alice. She loved Taylor, Turtle, and Cash and she was ready to help her daughter in any situation. Also the different view of the white Americans and the Cherokee people is an important theme. The white Americans think that the kid would be happier if they live with parents who adopted them but the Cherokee people think that they would be better off living with the tribe even if they didn?t have parents.

The critical lens ?In literature?the main action takes place inside the characters? skulls and ribs? applies to Pigs In Heaven because Taylor did what she knew was right for her child and also listened to her heart when it told her that she must not give up. Also it must have taken a lot of guts for Taylor to keep going on even though it seemed as if everything was against her.


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