Materialism In Society Essay Research Paper Effects

Materialism In Society Essay, Research Paper

Effects of the Media’s Materialistic Influence on Society

If one were to take a survey of the American people concerning what they think they need most in life, the results would be very centered in materialistic values. The media’s materialistic influence on American society, fueled by corporations’ need to profit from consumerism, has created a society full of problems. Depression and insecurity are often a direct result of failing to meet the status quo that a materialistic media presents. Working long hours to make enough money to buy the next best product is a result of the media’s materialistic influence, and consequently this has created problems with broken families and spousal relationships. Spirituality is frequently disregarded in a blind attempt to gain all the tangible wealth possible in our consumer culture.

The status quo our consumer based media presents to society results in depression and insecurity. Depression is a tragic effect of the media’s influence on American society that affects a myriad of people in our society. The media sets a standard for success or a status quo that many have a difficult time meeting. Commercials seen on TV and in magazines constantly bombard us with the idea that buying a certain product will make us look better, appear more successful, or make our lives easier. The influence these commercials have on many people make them feel as though they can’t live without buying as many products as they can to be considered successful in their daily lives.

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Consumerism is the silent cancer in our society caused by media pressure to look a certain way, drive a certain vehicle, and make a certain income that results in insecurity and depression. A myriad of people of people in our society become victims of the mind-frame that they must live up to the status quo set by society to consider themselves successful. They become depressed when they realize they cannot always meet the high standards set by our consumer culture. Materialism is the tragic flaw that ruins the lives of many in a country that thrives off its basic ideals and principles.

Working long hours to fulfill the status quo set by the media is not uncommon in our society. Husbands and wives sacrifice time with their families to obtain material wealth and products that “make their lives easier and more enjoyable.” It is ironic that working long, tedious hours behind a desk to consume more material wealth makes our lives easier. Consequently, there is no point in working overtime to buy material wealth that one does not have the time to enjoy. Spousal relationships become strained when one spouse is never around to maintain a steady relationship with the family. It is not a coincidence that our society, arguably the most consumer/material based society in the world, has a divorce rate over 50 percent when material wealth takes priority over family commitments.

An emphasis on spirituality or a relationship with a supreme being is often overlapped by media pressure to consume the tangible rather than the spiritual (turning to God or a supreme being) for personal fulfillment. Several religious creeds declare the importance of spirituality over seeking material wealth. It is a common Christian belief that storing up treasures on earth is done in vain for there are treasures waiting for us

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heaven far beyond our imagination. Taoism is based on the concept of completely removing oneself from the tangible (material world) and living one’s life in search of spiritual fulfillment. The ideals of consumerism in America contradict the basic ideals of spirituality, and therefore making it nearly impossible for the opposing concepts to

The materialistic influence that our media has on society, caused by consumer based industry, has a myriad of detrimental effects. Depression and insecurity result from considering oneself unsuccessful when failing to meet the impossible standards of the media driven status quo. Many Americans work long hours to obtain products that the media tells them make their lives more enjoyable. However, many do not have the time to enjoy those products as a consequence of spending all of their time at work. Family relationships are also hurt when parents spend too much time away from home at work. The materialistic influence of the media has also created a disregard for seeking personal fulfillment through spirituality (turning to God or a supreme being for guidance and fulfillment ). The media leads society to believe that one can be happy, successful, and fulfilled by gaining material wealth.



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