Life Plans Essay Research Paper I didnt

Life Plans Essay, Research Paper

I didn?t exactly understand how we were supposed to present so much information, but since this is about me I guess I can do it however I would like. So I?ll just basically be straightforward and try to cover everything that is asked of me. Areas that I will cover include: a physical description of myself, what I?m interested in, things that are and aren?t important to me, a little info about my family, the type of job I would like to have, the most exciting thing I?ve ever done, the single most important event in my life, three things I want to be sure to do in my lifetime, and the career that I want to have 10 years from now. Even though the idea of sharing so many personal details about myself is a little discomforting I will do it because I?m getting graded (30% for the essay, 30% for the project, and 40% for my presentation).

I actually went through many years of my life believing that I was dark skinned. I don?t know how or why it happened, it?s just something that I always thought. Until people started telling me I was light-skinned, but this didn?t happen until like 8th or 9th grade. So I guess I?m of a medium shade, and I would be considered light skinned but I?m still brown. I think I have very nice skin. I rarely have breakouts, but like most people I get a bump or two every now and then, but they don?t stay forever. I had my hair short mostly all of my life because I?ve always like to keep it cut, but now I?m growing it out because of a bet with my father. So now my hair is under my ears, and the color is dark brown with some dead highlights at the ends. I love my height, but if I was to grow a little bit more that would be fine too. As far as beauty, I think I?m average, but I?m a little biased. Most people at least give themselves that. I wonder about that sometimes, because there is always someone who is going to think someone is beautiful, and always someone who thinks that same person is ugly. I was wondering what was beauty because of what I just said and also because it?s hard to find someone who thinks they themselves are ugly. But back to me, I think I?m a pretty okay person physically.

I have so many interests, and sometimes I feel like this works against me, because I try to do so many different things so I?m constantly starting projects, and stopping to start another one. Like this it?s hard to ever finish anything. This is true for hobbies, sports, chores, or just any task that I try to take on. My favorite thing to do more than anything else is to cook. No matter what career choice I make I plan to be a caterer or a part-time chef. I like to draw and design buildings, and this might help me decide my primary occupation. I love sports, and even though I don?t play for the school, I play most sports at home for fun. My favorite sport to play is softball, and my favorite sport to watch is basketball. If I had a crossover then basketball might be my favorite.

The things that are really important to me presently are family, friends, a quality education, relaxation, and food. More than anything when I grow up I want to be successful. That?s all I can say because success can be measured in so many ways. It can be on how much money you make, getting married and having kids, giving your kids the best, your happiness, and so on. The things that are not important to me at all at this point in time are stress, drama, beef, and everything else (decent) is important.

Three words that describe me are independent, altruistic, and nice. I can do things on my own, and I don?t ?have? to be affiliated with anyone (but the people I am affiliated with are real and I love them for being that way) or wait for someone else to do something just so I can do it. Even though I may have a mean facial expression sometimes I am usually always willing to help someone in need, and this is both altruistic and nice.

I am a member of a traditional family. A mom, dad, and two children (my brother and myself). Even though we used to fight a lot, and we still argue all the time I?m not sure about him but I feel very close to my brother despite him talking junk all the time. My mom and dad are both the very intellectual, and have a lot of business savvy. Even people in my extended family (aunt, uncles, etc. have great expertise and knowledge about the business world and are very successful). My family?s tendencies have hopefully rubbed off on me, and I too can be successful. I have a cat named Bibbs, AKA Bibbie or the Bibbinator.

I don?t have a job yet, however I plan to get one within the next month. I would like to be a waitress, because of the tips, and it gives you the opportunity to interact with different types of people.

The most exciting thing I?ve ever done was this entire summer, where I was pretty much on my own for 6 weeks. It let me get a little sample of what college life might be like. This summer at G School West was very important for my intellectual development. Even though I don?t use a lot of the stuff I learned there now, and have it in my head, and I know I will probably use it at some point.

In my lifetime I want to have children, bungee jump, and travel around the world. Ten years from now I want to either be an orthodontist, or an architect. Either way I want to be the boss owning my own practice or my own firm. As I said earlier I plan to be a part-time chef no matter what I choose. I don?t want to be a housewife but if I just had to be maybe I would have time to be a full-time chef, and maybe get my own cooking show. I want to have either 2 or 4 children, and some pets. Thanks for getting to know me.


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