Run From Your Home Essay Research Paper

Run From Your Home Essay, Research Paper

Run from your home!

Flee to the wilderness!

Leave the ones that hold you down

Beneath their wedding rings and Mercedes SUV’s

Who says you need school?

Who says you need parents, teachers, priests and Dawson’s Creek?

Swathed in that Gap uniform

Mercilessly sewn by the fragile hands of your “lesser” sisters and brothers

And hell

You’re lending them a caring hand


Every time you buy a pair

Those super cute khaki flares

Pepito and Maria receive their pay

A beating and a dime

Well done

You stylish humanitarian!

I say strip off your jailing clothing

Run naked through the streets

Just make sure your running fast!

Run your naked self out into the woods

Build a shack, a ranch, a 10-story condo

Or don’t build anything at all

Live with Mother Nature

Among the soothing arms of a tree.

If you ask me

Everyone should have pets

Always let them run free

Chew up things

Let your tiger claw at your chairs

Let your wolf gnaw on your shoes

I say get some sheep

Or some cows





Whatever you may prefer.

Gather some friends

Create a commune

Just make sure you don’t serve Kool Aid

The public and government

Generally look down upon that

No orange robes

Shaved heads

Late night nudist dances around a bonfire

Never eat your pets.


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