Technology Factor Analysis Essay Research Paper The

Technology Factor Analysis Essay, Research Paper

The main function of my project is to provide a means by

which I can measure progress.? It will

therefore have to provide resistance when it is used, and have an indicator,

which when force is applied to the product will light up.SafetySafety is a very important

factor in technology of any kind.ToxicityMy product must not be toxic

or poisonous in any way.? I should use

a material that is not made with any chemicals that could damage the skin or

enter the bloodstream.Sharp Corners and EdgesAs the product I am looking to

make will be held in the hands I can not use a material or shape that will be

sharp or pointed.? To avoid damage and

injury I should make the product rounded and absent of any corners or edges

were possible.MaterialsMy product will have to be

made from a material that will not crack or break under pressure ? it must be

durable.? Each of the materials

available to me have their own properties and limitations, therefore I must

choose those materials which are suitable.CostThe cost of raw materials and

of production equipment should not be too expensive.Size and WeightThe size of my finished

product must not be overly large.? It must

neither be too heavy as I must be able to store it easily and also carry it

around easily. AppearanceThe appearance of my product

is a very important factor, which I have to take into consideration.? The appearance of my finished product is

one of the first features that most people will notice.? I should try and keep the product pleasing

to the eye, yet suited to the purpose and environment for which it is being

produced.ErgonomicsErgonomics is the study of man

in relation to his work and his environment.?

The finished product should be of an appropriate size and shape.? If for example I was designing a chair, I should

not make one that was twice a man’s size or one that was too small too sit

on.? I should produce it so that it is

comfortable and provides support.? The

same applies for my product ? I should not produce something too large to

hold or too small to hold.


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