Postman Always Rings Twice Essay Research Paper

Postman Always Rings Twice Essay, Research Paper

The postman always rings twice Author: James M. Cain Characterisation. Frank, a

man who falls in love with Cora. He?s a type of guy who?s rough but smart.

His passion for Cora makes him mad of love. Cora, the Greek?s wife (He?s

always called the Greek in the book so I?ll better call him the Greek, his

real name is Nick) Cora is in doubt weather she would go with Frank or stay with

her husband, the Greek. She chooses for Frank. Genre. This book is a short

psychological novel. Narrative structure. It?s a first person story and told

in chronological order. The book spends about two or three months. Plot

outlineThe story is set in a roadside sandwich joint in California, which has a

living part, a filling station and a lunchroom part. When Frank arrived at the

lunchroom the Greek offered him a job. Frank said yes, and immediately when he

saw the Greeks wife Cora he felt in love with her. They made love to each other

when the Greek wasn?t at home. One day they made a plan to kill the Greek, the

wanted to kill him in the bathroom but failed. The Greek fell on his head, but

wasn?t dead. They told the police it was an accident. After a week the Greek

went out of the hospital, back home. But Cora and Frank drove away together.

After a while Cora wanted to go back home. So she did. But Frank staid in town

and three weeks later he met the Greek on the marked, the Greek asked him to

come back to the lunchroom and work again. Frank left the town with the Greek

and they drove to the lunchroom. When they got there, Frank met Cora again. They

still loved each other so they made a new plan to kill the Greek, and spent the

rest of their lives together. This time their plan worked and the Greek got

killed. First the judge didn?t believe their story about this ?car

accident?. But Cora and Frank convinced the judge and they he pleaded them not

guilty. Cora and Frank were happy that their plan had worked. Cora got pregnant

and they made a ride in their car. But the worth ting happened, Cora got killed

on that ride because of a car accident. But Frank survived, and the judge

condemned him guilty for the murder on Cora and the Greek. Motive? Their money.

Theme and explanation of the title. I think you can describe the theme as: God

is punishing at once. (how do you say that in English?) The title means a

warning for something unexpected. I liked the book because of the authors easy

writing style. And it gives a good view of how far you can go for loving

somebody else


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